A Message from Rev. Tim

Uncertainty. Fear. The world turned upside down in a matter of days. Yet, it is reassuring to remember that there are certainties in our lives. The Sun still continues to rise in the east each morning. Spring flowers still bloom outside your window. Your dog or cat still loves you.  And, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno still needs your financial support to fulfill its mission to love inclusively, grow spiritually, serve gratefully and work for justice.

If you have not yet made your commitment to our 2020-21 FEEDING OUR FLAME Pledge Drive, now is the time, as you are financially able.  If this is your first time pledging we appreciate your generosity and commitment.

We still have meaningful church services each Sunday (LIVE at 10:30 am on our Facebook page).  We still offer all our programs , including those for children and youth (through interactive on-line formats).  We still help you deepen your spiritual lives (through daily Facebook videos for both adults and children).  The church staff is still working hard for you.  We still offer “church as usual,” just in a different way.

For those of you who have already made your pledge, we are grateful and ask you, if it is possible, to reach a little deeper into your pocket and make an additional pledge. Some in our congregation are facing unemployment and other financial uncertainties that make it difficult for them to pledge at this time. Those of us who are blessed with sufficient financial resources need to step forward to make up for the shortfall. I have personally increased my original pledge because I want our church to be fully funded when the new fiscal year begins in July.

Like the lover in the Irving Berlin song "Always," it is up to us to ensure this church will be here always. It is your financial support that makes this possible.

00000 Days may not be fair always,
00000 That's when we’ll be there always.
00000 Not for just an hour,
00000 Not for just a day,
00000 Not for just a year,
00000 But always.


Rev. Tim Kutzmark

  1. Email your pledge amount to: pledge@uufresno.org
  2. Phone in your amount to: 559-322-6146 ext. 11 (Jodi Baker)
  3. Mail your pledge or pledge card to:
Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno
2672 E. Alluvial Avenue
Fresno, CA 93720
To inspire you, watch the video posted below as the Hubbard Family, members of the church, share how they are 
at the  Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno!

Click on the link below to watch Erin & Lourin

Annual Pledge Drive Team:
John Reed & Tennille Tunnell, Co-chairs, Paula Farris, Laura Radinoff, Bill Murphy, Vicki Young-Condon and Carolyn Nolan.