Message from Sanna Phinney
Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I joined forces with 1031 CORP. last year. I have known the 1031 CORP. team since 2002 when Margo McDonnell and I served together on the CES® Certification Council of the Federation of the Exchange Accommodators (FEA). We developed a mutual respect for each other and shared a strong commitment to the 1031 industry and desire to increase its professionalism. Several years ago, as business started to pick up again, I entered into a service agreement with 1031 CORP. to provide support when needed. Business continued to grow and I was at a crossroad. After much careful consideration, I decided that based on the changing needs of the 1031 industry, a significant increase in business and a terminally-ill father out of state, joining 1031 CORP. would provide significant benefits to my valued 1031 Asset Exchange clients. In April 2014, we merged the assets of 1031 Asset Exchange into 1031 CORP. where I now serve as Senior Vice President and continue to oversee all exchange transactions for my clients.


For me, it has been the best of both worlds. I get to stay involved with the transactions that I enjoy so much and also have time to concentrate on growing the business again through sales and 1031 seminars. I have a team of professionals that make sure the transactions progress smoothly and no details are missed. The feedback I have heard from my long-time clients and professionals contacts reminds me this was a great decision.


Aside from sharing the same business philosophy and commitment to exceptional service, following are just a few of the reasons that I choose to partner with 1031 CORP.:


Dedicated Oregon Team

While based in Pennsylvania, I have a dedicated exchange team, headed by Marissa LoCascio, CES®, which handles all of my 1031 exchange transactions. They keep me apprised of the status of each transaction during our daily team meetings. Our telephones are answered 5:30 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time and all emails are responded to timely. All clients have Marissa's mobile number if there is something that cannot wait until business hours. You can reach the entire Oregon team, including me, at

 I'd like to introduce our Oregon team:


Exchange Officer

Marissa G. LoCascio, CES®

Vice President

Marissa will oversee all components of your transaction. She will prepare your Exchange Agreement, review and sign all closing documents and answer all of your exchange related questions.


Exchange Coordinator

Angela Klisch

Angela will gather all necessary information for the preparation of your exchange documents and escrow instructions. She will also monitor your closing dates and 45-Day Identification and 180-Day Exchange Period deadlines.


Exchange Account Manager

Cindi Platt-Elliott

Cindi opens your exchange account with the bank and ensures we receive your exchange funds timely. She will provide you with written confirmation of deposit and make sure you have instructions to log into the bank's website and view your account. She will also handle your disbursement requests.


Other members of the 1031 CORP. Exchange Team who you may talk to from time to time:

Margo McDonnell, CES®, President

Sue Umstead, CES®, Senior Vice President

Felip Holbrook, CES®, Vice President

Gina Morris, Exchange Coordinator

Safeguards on Funds

All exchange funds are held in segregated, interest-bearing FDIC insured accounts. You will receive instructions to view your account on the bank's website, as well as, monthly bank statements. Your written authorization is requested before any funds can be disbursed and two 1031 CORP. signatures are required to wire any funds. A multi-million dollar fidelity bond and professional liability coverage are maintained. Qualified Escrow Accounts (QEA) are available for additional security. While we can facilitate exchanges in all fifty states, 1031 CORP. is licensed to facilitate exchanges in Idaho and Maine, the only states that require such licensing.


Educational Information

The 1031 CORP. website and monthly newsletters are chock-full of information on Section 1031, its benefits and requirements of a successful exchange. Webinars are also offered routinely.  Our 1031 Exchanges Made Easy webinar is offered the first Thursday of each month at 9:00 am PT. To register, visit . Our team is also available to present 1031 seminars, webinars and continuing education courses for your investor group, sales office or association. Contact for more information.


Resources for REALTORS®, Escrow Officers and other Professionals

Margo McDonnell and Felip Holbrook assist me with our sales and marketing efforts. 1031 CORP. has a number of resources for REALTORS®, escrow officers and lenders including co-branded fact sheets, 1031 text for your website, tips to use 1031 exchanges as a marketing tool and FAQs. Contact for more information.


While I have been out of the office more than usual lately, I know that you are in good hands. During periods that I am not available, please know that our Exchange Team has significant experience facilitating exchanges and has the expertise to answer any of your questions. I can still be reached by the phone numbers that you have been accustomed to using, and I will happily return your messages should you need my assistance.


I am grateful for your business and the transactions you have sent my way, and I remain committed to providing the same exchange experience you have come to expect.


Very truly yours,


Sanna Phinney, CES®
1031 CORP.
109 NW Greenwood Avenue, Suite 102
Bend, OR 97703
Phone:  541.388.1031