Dear Community,

The three beautiful days to close out this week offered me a chance to get outside, enjoy the beautiful region, and clear my head.  I woke up this morning with a heart filled with gratitude, and I wanted to share with you. 

Gratitude fills my heart for where we are as a community during this challenging time. With conferences this week, I know families are as grateful as I for the hard work our teachers put into preparing for and holding conferences. Knowing each of their students as well as they do as both scholars and human beings is a gift that has even greater meaning in a year like this one. A deep and heartfelt thank you to all of our teachers. And, a sincere thanks to our staff for all they do behind the scenes each day; their tireless efforts ensure our faculty are supported in delivering our quality program to the students of Pine Cobble School.

To all of our parents and guardians, my gratitude has a different focus but is equally as heartfelt. Filling out the daily checklist with such care and attention, arriving in your windows of drop off and pick up times, holding off on travel that is not essential, and being so supportive of the efforts of this entire team do not go unnoticed. I recognize the extra work this entails on busy mornings and the adjustment needed in work and family schedules - thank you. It is making all the difference in how each day unfolds, and it is working.

Together we make quite a team, and the children benefit every single day. When teams work together in good times and hard ones, thinking beyond themselves as individuals, the growth is powerful. As we continue to listen and process all we are learning inside and outside the classroom, the opportunities are endless for the students and the institution.

Finally, to our students for their resilience. I hear it daily from teachers that they are inspired by their adaptability, their support of classmates, their openness to change, and their ability to see challenges as opportunities for growth.

Thank you for being part of the Pine Cobble community.


P. S. Please remember to fill out the travel survey by the close of this weekend. Thank you.