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        Message from Thomas Greco

QUICK & EASY  In-store Retailer Safety Tips 
for all Computer Perfect customers! 


Let's go viral on the virus..  
Here are a few simple safety tips we learned from Beasty Feast, one of our valuable customers that we would like to share with you so that you can also implement in your stores as a response to the corona virus outbreak. It will help you keep your employees and customers safe and happy. 
TIP #1: Credit Card Terminals   
These contact finger signature pads could potentially become dangerous to all customers. 
If a customer comes in and has to sign the pad with his/her finger, it must be wiped down and disinfected immediately before the next customer can use it. 
Disinfectant wipes work well.  
TIP #2: Register Monitors (Touch Screen Enabled) 
Turn off the touch-screen feature to limit your employees risk of passing the virus around. Plus, you could also  clean the monitors multiple times per day. 
TIP #3: Register keyboard and Mouse 
Clean these with disinfectant at least 3 times a day (suggested minimum per day) or more. 
That's it! Three quick and easy safety tips I wanted to share with you.  Hope this helps and that you are doing well during all this craziness. 
Stay healthy! :):) 

Thank you.
Thomas A. Greco,

Thomas Greco

Computer Perfect
(914) 633-8959