A Message from UP for Learning
Dear Friends of UP,

As a people-focused organization, UP for Learning is paying close attention to the current developments on coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects on our schools and communities. We are particularly sensitive to all who must make complex decisions for the safety and well-being of the members of their school community. It’s a trying time, and we know you’re working round the clock to safeguard your staff and students.

UP is very aware of the stress schools are facing, but we also know the resiliency of young people and the incredible school staff that support them. This is an unprecedented situation for all of us and no one knows what the future will look like. As we read the statements and plans from school administrators, organization leaders, and the current press release from Governor Scott, we cannot help but be impressed by the dedication, thoughtfulness, and compassion that is being expressed. It gives us confidence that, if we can all be understanding, patient, and well-meaning, we will emerge from this experience in a better place than we started. How we respond also reveals a great deal about who we are, what we value, and how we relate to our fellow human beings. No one wishes this pandemic on anyone, but there are certain to be some blessings that emerge. Slowing down seems to be one such blessing. Here is a beautiful thing that happened in Italy that exemplifies how beauty often emerges from the darkness.

Moving forward, UP for Learning will be guided by these goals.  
We will:
  • Keep our staff and school teams safe.
  • Do what we can to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Explore alternative facilitation models to provide as much promised support and guidance as possible.  
  • Keep you informed of our changes and future plans.
  • Stay current on new developments and follow the latest state and national guidelines.
  • Continue to appreciate and practice compassion in our work with our colleagues, school teams and community.
  • Offer paid leave to UP staff, should anyone need it.  

The UP team remains connected and present for all of our school teams and partners. We will continue to listen and learn and follow the leadership of those most impacted.  

Thank you for your ongoing support. We must rely on and support each other.


Lindsey Halman
Executive Director