Message from our APPLE Program Team
We are thinking of you and your team as children return to your care. Our community is facing unique concerns regarding COVID-19. This pandemic and its influence require our action plans and responses to evolve accordingly.

Like many of you, we have had to revisit some of our emergency plans and responses due to this pandemic. If you have not already done so, please use this time to review and refresh your center’s emergency preparedness plan and policies.

A few questions to consider:

How will you confirm a positive testing of COVID-19?
What is your plan if you have a confirmed COVID-19 case in your center?
Who are you required to notify?
Is that contact information updated and in your plan?
What is your process for communicating with the media?
How will you address the emotional needs of your families, children, and staff?
How will you communicate responses to these needs?
Does your staff know their responsibilities?
Are families aware of your COVID-19 Emergency Plan?

Have a written plan already in place? Fantastic! Practice your plan and be sure to stay updated with the CDC guidelines, local health department specifications and local municipality requirements.

For the latest guidance from:

CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention  Click Here
American Academy of Pediatrics Guidance for Child Care COVID-19  Click Here
Caring for Our Children  Click Here
Florida Department Children and Families  Click Here
Oklahoma Child Care Services  Click Here  or
Oklahoma Child Care Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan  Click Here
Minnesota COVID 19 Response  Click Here

Sending Many Well Wishes,
The APPLE Team