To our GCAAR community:

There’s no doubt about it. This may prove to be the most challenging environment we’ve ever experienced in our professional lives as REALTORS ® .

In light of COVID-19, our GCAAR board and staff have been hard at work responding to your concerns and making sure that you have what you need to stay updated on the constant changes in our industry. I am deeply grateful and thank everyone for their work and their dedication to all of you.

Today, thanks to GCAAR’s tireless efforts and those of our Forms Committee, we have released a brand-new form to help buyers and sellers with any managing delays in their transactions caused by COVID-19.

We’ve also released another new form and updated three existing forms. Here is the full list:

  1. NEW: GCAAR COVID-19 Addendum
  2. NEW: DC Lead Disclosure Rental
  3. DC Lead Disclosure Sales
  4. DC Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
  5. Montgomery County EMD Escrow Agreement

These forms and checklists are now LIVE on GCAAR’s website and will be available soon through authorized vendors, including ZipForms, DotLoop and DocuSign.

Finally, I have one last update: The test for the suspected case of COVID-19 in GCAAR’s Washington, DC building has come back NEGATIVE!

Both of GCAAR’s offices in DC and Rockville will continue to be closed for the time being given our current environment, pending re-evaluation on March 27.
Again, thanks to everyone who has kept us going during this difficult time. Please stay safe and well.

Danai Mattison Sky
2020 GCAAR President