Message from the Bastrop EDC
Last week the Bastrop EDC awarded $185,000 to 62 City of Bastrop businesses. The requirements for the second round of grants are different than the first round, and documents provided for the first round will not be applied to the second round’s application.

We are now requesting each business enter their information in EACH of the required fields below. We are not requesting supporting documentation at this time, but reserve the right to request and receive any such back-up documentation within 72 hours’ notice by the BEDC. Please make sure you maintain your business records to support your answers to the application.

QUALIFYING BUSINESSES: All businesses who received grants in the first round are eligible for a second round of grants; however, the maximum amount any single business may be awarded for both rounds is a combined total of $9,999. No business will receive more than this maximum amount for the COVID-19 grants. All City of Bastrop businesses qualify to apply for this round of grants, regardless of governor’s exemptions. However, the grants are being awarded at the discretion of the BEDC Board of Directors, so an award to these businesses is not guaranteed. If your business is not located within the city limits of Bastrop, please do not apply – only businesses within the city limits are eligible.

Do not call our office with questions. We are working remotely during this time. Here is the three-step process for grant funding:

STEP ONE: Fill out EVERY QUESTION in the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Answers such as “N/A” and the number or dollar value of zero (“0”) are acceptable responses if those questions do not apply to your business. Although not being requested at this time, you will need back-up documentation to support each numerical answer provided. Please do not call our office. We are anticipating a high number of requests for relief and the BEDC team is working remotely, so please fill out the application FIRST before asking any questions.

STEP TWO: Upon BEDC’s receipt of the application, you will be emailed a confirmation of your application being received. If this is your first time to apply for these grants, then you will be required to complete a set of new vendor forms. These forms are necessary for the City of Bastrop and the BEDC to process your grant payment either via check or direct deposit. Please return these fully executed forms within 1-2 days of receipt. RETURNING APPLICANTS will be processed through the same vendor request forms provided last round, so there is no need to return another set of forms.

STEP THREE: The BEDC Board will meet to discuss and vote on the grant distributions on May 11, 2020. If approved, the grant payments should be delivered within thirty days. You will be asked to sign a performance agreement that will be emailed to you upon Board approval. For RETURNING APPLICANTS, we will simply add the amount from the first round to the second round for the total amount of the award. Upon approval by the BEDC Board and the issuance of your second grant, your final amount and executed performance agreement will be emailed to you for your records.

DISCLAIMER: Relief grants are not guaranteed. All relief grant distributions and programs must be approved by the BEDC governing body before being issued. The BEDC does not provide any tax or legal advice as to whether applying for and receiving relief funds affects any other grants or federal and state COVID-19 relief funds.