Message from the Bastrop EDC
In an effort to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our local businesses and economy, the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation is making cash relief grants available. These grants will help local businesses retain the employees and resources needed to survive during these trying times. The grants will be made available pending final approval of the BEDC and its Board of Directors. Grants will be provided only to businesses within the city limits of the City of Bastrop that provide the following three (3) documents and information to the BEDC on or before Friday, April 10, 2020, by 1:00 p.m.

STEP ONE: Please do not call our office. We are anticipating a high number of requests for relief and the BEDC team is working remotely, so please email the following records to BEDC at .

  1. Bastrop Tax Office 2019 ad valorem tax receipt for payment of 2019 City of Bastrop personal property taxes (your “P” number located at
  2. Texas Comptroller of Public Account’s sales tax receipt for the month of February 2020 (
  3. Texas Workforce Commission’s Unemployment Tax Services Employer’s Quarterly Report filed January 2020 for reporting period October-December 2019 (or any other TWC employer report located at

STEP TWO: Upon BEDC’s receipt of the three (3) documents, you will be emailed a set of vendor request and payment forms, along with a performance agreement, from Kathy Merrifield at the BEDC. Please complete, scan and email back to . The forms are necessary for the City of Bastrop and the BEDC to process your grant payment either via check or direct deposit. Please return these fully executed forms within 1-2 days of receipt.

STEP THREE: The BEDC Board will meet to discuss, vote and approve the grant distributions on April 13, 2020. Once approved, the grant payments should be delivered within thirty (30) days.

DISCLAIMER: Relief grants are not guaranteed. All relief grant distributions and programs must be approved by the BEDC governing body before being issued. The BEDC does not provide any advice as to whether applying for and/or receiving relief funds affects any other grants or federal and state COVID-19 relief funds.

NON-QUALIFYING BUSINESS: Businesses that do not qualify for this BEDC relief are considered essential businesses and are the following:

  1. Grocery stores, big box stores, farmer’s and food markets
  2. Liquor, wine and beer stores
  3. Construction and real estate development and sales
  4. New or used automotive sales
  5. Banks, lending and financial institutions
  6. Gas stations and convenience stores
  7. Non-profit entities, organizations or associations
  8. Medical and health providers and related service companies and vendors
  9. Auto mechanics and auto repair shops
  10. Plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians