Dear Lakesiders,

With less than 65 days to go, we're counting down until the start of our exciting 150th Anniversary celebration. Soon, Lakesiders will be walking along Ohio's Most Beautiful Mile, gathering in Hoover Auditorium for performances, worshipping together at the lakefront, and creating lasting memories in the water and on the courts.

The Lakeside Association Board of Directors met in February to finalize the budget and the Rules and Regulations. At this meeting, we also heard updates from the Streets and Drainage Advisory Task Force and the Land Management and Development Task Force. You can read the February 17 Board Update online.

While you've been away from Lakeside, the Boards, staff and volunteers have been preparing for an extraordinary season and a bright future for our beloved Lakeside. You'll find various updates in this newsletter below and 150th Anniversary highlights at
With anticipation,
Jane Anderson            
Chair, Association Board 
Kip Greenhill,
President & CEO, Lakeside Chautauqua
Jane Marx
Vice-Chair, Association Board
Charles Allen
Chief Operations Officer, Lakeside Chautauqua
Rules and Regulations Update
Thank you to the many community members who offered hundreds of ideas and suggestions regarding the proposed Rules and Regulations (the Rules) updates. Each comment was reviewed, keeping in mind Lakeside’s Mission, Vision, and Values, and many helpful ideas were incorporated. After three years of work by a dedicated group of volunteers and professionals, the Board voted to approve updated Rules at its February meeting. 

Why update the Rules? It is best practice to review an organization’s rules, regulations, and policies periodically. After close evaluation of our old Rules, the Board’s Municipal Services Committee (the MSC) found that a number of areas needed updating or clarification. For example, current Ohio Fire Code stipulates that portable outdoor fireplaces “shall not be operated within 15 feet of a structure or combustible material.” Our old Rules stipulated 10 feet, an inconsistency with the current Fire Code. 

In addition, we are grateful to the community member who called out a new Ohio law that became effective in July 2022, allowing fireworks to be used around certain holidays unless communities opt-out of allowing them. This is now addressed in section 2.16 of the new Rules to be consistent with our prior Rules that did not allow fireworks at any time. This issue is particularly important in Lakeside where our cottages are so close together and most are constructed with wood.

Another update addresses the types of vehicles Lakesiders employ to move around the grounds, including electric bikes, scooters, hoverboards, golf carts, cars, motorized skateboards, etc. These innovations were unavailable or less popular when the old Rules were written. The bottom line is that everyone must abide by the speed limit of 15 MPH and use good common sense and caution.

Signs and Quiet Hours were the two areas that elicited the most comments from community members. Read the Full Summary & Appendix and download the Rules and Regulations at
Street and Drainage Advisory Task Force Update
The Streets and Drainage Advisory (SDA) Task Force formed in November 2022 with Lakesiders David Blank and Jim Shelley appointed as Co-Chairs.

Since November, the Task Force has met several times, including a meeting in Columbus with MKSK. The Task Force also conducted a full-day work session in Lakeside to review reports and streets in depth. 

The Task Force has sorted MKSK’s 10 Principles into three categories: 1) Top Priority, 2) Appropriate Consideration and 3) Defer. Members of the Task Force identified the top two priorities as: 1) Plan for fixing Lakeside streets and 2) Better management of stormwater, preferably using sustainable methods. 

After reviewing MKSK’s preliminary report from four years ago, members of the Task Force determined they needed more detailed and up-to-date information about the state of the streets. At the group’s advisement, Lakeside has contracted a local firm to perform a complete and up-to-date survey of all streets, which is being conducted at a minor cost. The report is expected soon and will inform the Task Force on the prioritization of street work.

In addition, the Task Force is reviewing trip hazards and sidewalks. There is no plan to add sidewalks, but repairs will be made to existing sidewalks.

The Task Force will continue to meet through the spring. Recommendations for work to begin in the Fall of 2023 should be available at the May Board meeting.
Western Shoreline Update
Lakeside Chautauqua is continuing to make progress on the western shoreline. Last fiscal year, we received state funding to support the project.

Pending issuance of permits submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the plan is to first place toe stone (large in the water stone) embedded two feet into the lakebed. The large toe stone in the water will help dissipate the waves and energy along this location. The permit process typically takes 7-10 months.

New armor stone will be placed along the slope of the existing revetment on top of the toe stone. This will prevent long-term erosion along the western shoreline.
KS Associates, located in Elyria, Ohio, is the project lead. Work will start in spring 2024 once all permits are in hand. We are grateful to Mother Nature for lowering the water level while we wait for our repairs.

Lakeside gave a Western Shoreline Update via Zoom on March 21. Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties while recording so there is no video update. We will continue to update you on the progress of this project over the next few months.
Register for Lakeside Online
Catch a sneak peek of what's in store for Lakeside's 150th Anniversary by participating in Lakeside Online. Through April, discuss books written by this summer's visiting authors and keynote speakers, and participate in virtual conversations with the Chautauqua Pillar Directors.

  • Wednesdays, March 1-29: Lenten Study with Rev. Dr. Charles Yoost, Amy Gingerich & Michael Shirtz
  • Sunday, March 26: Power of the Pillars: Education with John Mann
  • Thursday, March 30: Finding Our Way through the Arts with Dr. Deforia Lane & Michael Shirtz
  • Monday, April 17: The Upswing Book Discussion hosted by John Porcari
  • Thursday, April 20: Behind the Curtain: 150 Years at Michigan's Oldest Theater, Croswell Opera House
  • Sunday, April 23: Power of the Pillars: Recreation & Wellness with Katalin Domotorffy
Join us at a Gathering in Columbus, March 30
Lakesiders will gather in Columbus for a time of fellowship and reconnection at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 30. At this final gathering of the spring, the Lakeside staff will give an overview of the past year and provide 150th Anniversary highlights. Space is limited at this location, so RSVP early.
Volunteer at Spring Cleanup Day, May 6
Lakeside’s 150th Chautauqua season is right around the corner! To help prepare the grounds and buildings for this milestone celebration, volunteer your time at Lakeside’s Annual Spring Cleanup Day on Saturday, May 6 from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. All ages are welcome to participate.

Meet in the Fountain Inn Aigler Room at 9 a.m. to receive volunteer instructions and assignments. Coffee and donuts will be available from 8:30-9 a.m. Following cleanup, lunch will be provided to all volunteers at 12:30 p.m. in the Aigler Room.

This year, there will be a mix of indoor and outdoor projects, including venue cleaning, organizing, gardening, park and waterfront cleanup and more.

If you own gardening gloves, weeding knives and garden hoes, please bring to Spring Cleanup Day. Lakeside will provide this equipment to volunteers who do not own these materials.

To participate, register online by Friday, April 14. For this spring event, there is no admission or parking fees to Lakeside. 
To enrich the quality of life for all people, to foster traditional Christian values, and to nurture relationships through opportunities for renewal and growth – spiritually, intellectually, culturally and physically – while preserving Lakeside’s heritage.