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An Unprecedented Election Requires Bold Action

It’s one of those moments in life with a vivid memory. Maybe because it was filled with so much raw emotion and disappointment. On election night, November 8, 2016, a collective groan reverberated across the globe expressing the painful awareness that immorality, misogyny, racism, vulgarity, sedition, and greed were elected to the highest office in our nation. Over the last four years, Donald Trump’s inhumane transgressions continuously bombarded us through tweet, speech, and policy. As we approach the next presidential election, we must realize the scope of our challenge. The stage being set and the power afforded the Executive branch of government require vigilance and determination unlike any election in our lifetime, possibly unlike any election in our nation’s history. On November 3, 2020, we can expect to see the results of our local election, but there is a good chance we will also see chaos on that day and in the days that follow. 

The Transition Integrity Project (TIP), a series of 2020 election crisis scenario planning exercises, was organized by Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown and former Pentagon senior official, and Nils Gilman, a former vice chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley and historian at the Berggruen Institute. Over 100 bipartisan political operatives, academics, and former government officials participated in simulations of four possible outcomes of the 2020 presidential election. Participants included Michael Steele, a former chair of the Republican National Committee; John Podesta, the former White House chief of staff who chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign; former Republican members of Congress; and a host of former elected officials, government staffers, consultants, and even journalists. The four scenarios presented to the group were (1) ambiguous results (2) a clear Biden victory (3) a clear Trump win and (4) a narrow Biden win. The conclusions drawn from the exercises are alarming. 

“We assess with a high degree of likelihood that November’s elections will be marked by a chaotic legal and political landscape.” None of the scenarios saw an orderly transition of power, but the most favorable outcome resulted from a clear Biden victory. The TIP report outlines specific recommendations “to spur all stakeholders to action” to mitigate the risks associated with disregard for election rules and norms. You and I are those stakeholders. 

I appreciate the work being done by the Democrats in Bernalillo County and across our State. Yet, I have more to ask of you. We need a clear victory for Democrats and we need to take action now to help ensure an orderly election. 

  • Volunteer for the DPNM Coordinated Campaign (DPNM-CC). The DPNM-CC is dedicated to getting Democrats elected up and down the ballot. Their plan and strategy will only work with our help. See this week’s volunteer opportunities here:
  • Volunteer for local candidates. Local candidates need our support to reach the electorate. Read about our candidates and connect with their campaigns here:
  • Volunteer to be an election observer. The Democratic Party of New Mexico is organizing volunteers across the state to help the legal team monitor the polls. Volunteer with the DPNM Voter Protection Team here:
  • Write letters to the editor and contact local media outlets. Our expectations for election night outcomes must be rooted in reality. This year, absentee balloting is projected to be at record highs around the country and because not all officials are as prepared as New Mexico’s for that process, a presidential winner will likely not be known on November 3. The media have an obligation to report the reality that absentee balloting is a legitimate process and prolonged vote counting is not a sign of fraud but rather a result of an unprecedented pandemic-time election. 

I encourage you to read the full TIP report ( and to act, “…for many Democrats and key Democratic constituencies, this election represents an existential crisis, the last chance to stop a rapid and potentially irreversible US decline into authoritarianism and unbridled nativism.” 

We can do this!

Yours in Democracy,

Flora Lucero, Chair
Democratic Party of Bernalillo County

Further Reading, Listening, Watching

Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition, August 3, 2020:

David Frum, “Where the System May Break,” The Atlantic, January 31, 2020:

“Experts Game Out What Might Happen if the Election Goes Off the Rails,” All Things Considered, July 30, 2020: 

“Election Night Simulation: What Happens In A Contested Election?,” Full Frontal, September 3, 2020:
Beyond Labor Day: Dems Look to Recognize and Reward Workers

Raising Wages and Promoting Workers Rights (from the 2020 Democratic Platform)

Democrats will fight to raise wages for working people and improve job quality and security, including by raising the federal minimum wage so it reaches $15 an hour by 2026. Raising the federal minimum wage, so fewer workers are forced to hold down multiple jobs to make ends meet, will significantly decrease risks of infection from COVID-19 and in the future. We know that strong American labor unions help increase wages and job standards for workers across the economy, which is why Democrats will prioritize passing the PRO Act and restoring workers’ rights, including the right to launch secondary boycotts. We will repeal so-called “right to work” laws that undermine worker power and lead to lower wages and less protection for workers across the economy, and ensure those who have been left without wage and hour protections for decades—including domestic workers and farmworkers—have the same rights as other workers. Democrats will support legislation to strengthen whistleblower and anti-retaliation protections for workers who speak for themselves or their coworkers. And we will take action to rein in anti-competitive corporate power by rewriting the rules that have undermined workers’ ability to advocate for themselves, including non-compete clauses, no-poaching agreements, and contracts that force workers into mandatory arbitration to resolve violations of employment laws.

Democrats will recognize unions with majority sign-up—via “card check” processes—and ban captive audience meetings, which employers use to bully and browbeat workers. We will hold executives personally accountable if they interfere in workers’ efforts to organize, including issuing criminal penalties for intentional obstruction. We will take action to guarantee that when workers come to the table, they are able to bargain with the employers who actually hold the power, including franchisors, and penalize companies that bargain in bad faith with their workers. Democrats will vigorously protect all private-sector workers’ right to strike without fear of coercion, interference, and undue delay. We will also establish the federal government's role in promoting and facilitating collective bargaining and helping the parties bring their negotiations to a rapid and successful conclusion, committing to a high standard for intervening in strikes, including under the Railway Labor Act. 

Know the Candidates, Know the Challenges

As part of Candidate Focus 2020, we’ve created Dems Up and Down the Ballot -- a full listing of all the Democrats who are counting on our support in their bids for federal, state and local offices in November, including names and pictures, the office they’re seeking, their websites and social media. We’re also providing access to our Focus feature articles on Dems in Priority Races where there are hotly contested seats to be flipped or held. Both resources are quickly available on our DPBC website. Just click here.
Watch for the Week’s Actions – arriving Mondays in your inbox

Every Monday, watch for weekly notices of how you can help get out the vote and
bring about a Democratic victory this November. Organizers in and around Bernalillo
County are setting up phone banking, text banking, networking and other ways to
volunteer. DPBC Action Focus emails will bring you the news of how to be involved!
For timely info and discussion of your voting options:
Watch this webinar with Bernalillo County Clerk Linda Stover, County Elections Administrator Jaime Diaz, and County Bureau of Elections Coordinator Nathan Jaramillo.
Key Dates for the 2020 General Election

The 2020 General Election is only weeks away! Let’s get ready. By now some of you will have received an absentee voting application. You do NOT need a reason to vote absentee. Here are some key dates to know for the election lead-up:

The absentee ballot online portal is live NOW! It’s important to request your ballot as soon as possible.

September 14, 2020

September 19, 2020 Sample ballots will be available online to view and download.

October 6, 2020
  • Clerks begin mailing absentee ballots to voters who have requested them.
  • Books close for online and paper voter registration.
  • Absentee Voting Begins
  • In-person Absentee Voting and Same Day Registration (SDR) begin at Clerk’s Annex (Oct. 6-16, 2020, M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

October 17-31, 2020Early Voting and SDR (Click for locations) M-S, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

October 20, 2020 – Deadline for clerk to receive a mailed absentee ballot application

October 27, 2020 – Recommended final day for voter to mail absentee ballot

November 3, 2020 – Election Day 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Click for information on Military/Overseas Voting, Election Board (poll workers), Student Election Clerks and Third Party Voter Registration Agents. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and visit the Newsroom.
Say it loud and strong!

Help get out the vote with a colorful yard sign. Order yours today.
Voter Registration Agent Training

The Bernalillo County Clerk announced a new on-line VRA Training program which is available until September 13, 2020. If you know any friends who want to become VRAs, this is a great way to get the training. Here’s the link to sign up for a class:
Online tools for voters

Yes, Voter Registration activities have been severely curtailed! But, thankfully we have on-line tools available to help our friends and family register to vote or update their voter registration information. Go to the Secretary of States website for all things relating to voter registration:
Get Tested
If you are feeling sick with any COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been in contact with an infected person, you can get tested for the virus.

Those without insurance can go to a New Mexico Public Health Office to get tested at no cost. Locations are listed here.

There are various sites throughout Bernalillo County and the State that offer testing services. Once you find your site, you may pre-register for testing here.

Be a census ambassador to your community, your friends, and your family. Will you join us to make sure everyone is counted?

Here are actions that you and your organization can do to contribute to a complete count today. The link also has excellent information about how an undercount affects different areas of concern, such as education, human services, agriculture and food, healthcare, and representation.

New Mexico is at risk of a significant undercount in the 2020 Census, and we need your help. Right now, New Mexico is in danger of losing more than $3 billion over the next 10 years*. A census undercount means cuts for Title I schools and school food programs, cuts for firefighters and first responders, less road funding, and reduced access to health care for the next 10 years. It also fundamentally changes our political representation. It is critical that all our voices are heard and that our communities get the funding they deserve.

We are rural and urban. We are parents and children. We are diverse. We are mixed-status. We are essential. We are New Mexico, and we will be counted.
You + DPBC + Social Media

You can help us expand our audience by joining us on social media. Follow us on Facebook at the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County, on Twitter at @DPBC, and on Instagram at bernalillodems.

Share our content with your social network. Our voices, raised in unity, will be heard.       
Events in Bernalillo County
Event listings are open to Democratic candidates, their representatives, and organizations whose philosophies are in line with Democratic values. Event listings are a service to the community. They do not indicate endorsement of a candidate by the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County.

Due to coronavirus, please contact event organizers for information regarding cancellations.
Dare to Lead: Facing the Climate Challenge Head On
Join us for a conversation about the climate & our communities on Wednesday, September 9 from 6:00-7:30 pm Live on Facebook or on Zoom. Registration will open up soon. There will be an opportunity to join us on Zoom but we will also be livestreaming directly onto Facebook.

Meet the dynamic women taking a lead on climate policy on behalf of communities here in New Mexico. We'll go deep with strategy discussion with YUCCA endorsed candidates Congresswoman Deb Haaland & Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero.

Donations are welcome and we are grateful. Any $ graciously donated will go to the Campaign to Re-Elect Patricia Roybal Caballero & to YUCCA Action. Donate at

***Rep. Deb Haaland is appearing at this event as a special guest. Rep. Deb Haaland is not asking for funds or donations for her campaign.

  • September 09, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Weekend of Action Phone Bank
We know that people talking directly to their neighbors is the most effective way to encourage people to vote. Join Team Xoch as we make phone calls to check in on our supporters -- RSVP now (and bring a friend!)

You will need a phone and a computer to make calls. We will email registered volunteers a phone bank link and a Zoom link for training before the event.

  • September 12 & 13
Martin Hickey Fundraiser with Special Guest Martin Heinrich
Please join our special guest U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich for a fundraiser for Dr. Martin Hickey running for NM Senate District 20. Dr. Hickey is a physician, an avid outdoorsman, and an award-winning business leader

Help us flip this district blue with a champion for our environmental, educational, and economic health.

Zoom link available via the ticket link

  • September 14, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
DPBC Resolutions Committee
The Resolutions Committee will meet to consider resolutions and new business.

Via Zoom.

  • September 20, 1:00 pm
Meet Cynthia Hall
Cynthia Hall, Public Regulation Commissioner for District 1, is running for reelection. We have scheduled a Zoom meeting with her on Sunday, September 20, at 3:00 pm. Cynthia Hall will discuss her views on issues facing the PRC, as well as on the ballot initiative to appoint, rather than elect, members of the PRC. Advance registration is required. Here is the link to register:

People who have registered will receive a Zoom meeting link in advance of the meeting. For more information, contact DPBC Secretary Paul Szauter (

  • September 20, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Claudia's Brown-bag Lunch
Join Claudia and her guests Senator Michael Padilla (SD 14), John Badal and Catherine Nicolaou of Sacred Wind Communications. They will explore the challenges and solutions to reaching rural New Mexico with cell and broadband service. There will be a Q & A time for you to directly ask your questions.

  • September 22, noon - 1:00 pm
Volunteer for Xochitl Torres Small
Xochitl Torres Small’s election contest is again one of the, if not the, closest in the Nation. Every contact is important. And given the pandemic, contacts must mostly be by phone.

There are two phone options, and you can do both. One is to use a link to access a script and people to call at your convenience.

The other is virtual phone banks from 5 PM to 7 PM Monday through Thursday as well as from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM on Sundays. These begin with a training. This weekend there will be a chance to meet and talk with other volunteers (virtually of course).

There are texting options which you can do on your own schedule after training this weekend.
Volunteer for Xochitl Torres Small
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