Children's Library Staff Shine!

In light of Ohio's stay-at-home order, families are scrambling to find fun and educational activities to do with their kids. Ohio's public libraries have stepped up in amazing ways to keep families informed and entertained through this unprecedented time. Thank you for what you're doing each and every day, from virtual storytimes to bunny parades. You're giving people a reason to smile!
Day By Day Ohio Family Literacy Calendar

The State Library of Ohio, in collaboration with Ohio Ready to Read, is pleased to offer the Day By Day Ohio Family Literacy calendar to promote family literacy and family engagement across Ohio. Families, caregivers, educators, and librarians can use the Day By Day Ohio Family Literacy Calendar at home, in the library, classroom, or on the go. Featuring songs, activities, book suggestions, and videos, Day By Day Ohio supports early literacy skills and helps young children get ready for school.
Sustainable Crafting?

Lots of libraries do crafts with kids. Maybe it's time to start thinking about the long term ecological damage caused by some of the materials we love to use (not glitter....we love glitter).
Are Schools Teaching Reading Wrong?

Do you know how your local schools are teaching reading? How does your library support that effort? Emily Hanford's American Public Media article will make you wonder, are we doing this right?
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Deep Thoughts on Program Assessment

You may have a lot of time on your hands right now. It's time to read some of those articles that you don't usually have the time or brainpower to make it through. ALA has released its "National Impact of Library Public Programs Assessment (NILPPA), Phase 1: A Whitepaper on the Dimensions of Library Programs and the Skills and Training for Library Program Professionals." 

This article (which isn't as daunting as the title implies) outlines the finding of a two-year IMLS-funded research study that explored the characteristics, audiences, outcomes, and value of US library programming and the competencies required to succeed in the field. No time like today. You can do it!
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And now for something lighter....

We all love to dream about making our Children's departments better. Renovations on a shoestring are even better. And, who doesn't love incorporating references to children's books in the decor? Meservey (Iowa) Public Library recently updated their department, with inspiration from a children's bookstore in Monroe, GA that has a real wardrobe that you can walk through to get to the storytime room!!!!
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Book Cart Queens!

One of our own Children's Services Division members has created an awesome blog in collaboration with one of her teen services co-workers, Check it out for virtual baby to teen programming inspiration, social media book promotion ideas, a great list of stay-at-home professional development opportunities, and more.
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ALA Opens Resources for Use

To support the library community, ALSC has opened up some of their most recent member-driven content in order to keep your professional development and work moving forward in this time of social distancing and remote work.
COVID-19: Early Learning Frequently Asked Questions
Being at home without the regular routine of school can be stressful to kids who may not understand why things have suddenly changed. Similarly, some parents must continue working from home while caring for their young children, while others may be facing financial hardships or social isolation.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has created a web page to help during this stay-at-home period. The ODE webpage answers frequently-asked questions and provides f lexible and creative approaches to support young children and their families
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