Message from the Director
Safe Learning Plan 2020-21
Liebe TCGIS Gemeinschaft, 

As all of you are likely aware, our state leaders announced Minnesota's Safe Learning Plan today for how public schools are to operate this fall. We appreciate immensely the structures put in place to support schools as they respond to COVID spread within their communities, as well as the promise of financial support to help us implement our plans.

We are also cognizant of the concern of those who were hoping for a different answer.

As we process this decision and move our school plan forward from the draft stage to one that is developed and vetted, I thank you in advance for your continued patience and support.  

In the coming days and weeks:

Thursday, July 30: Presentation of Draft Plan and Board Meeting
TCGIS Administration will be at the board meeting to answer questions from the board on our DRAFT plan from Monday, as shared in the Director's Report . Please know that there will be no new substantive answers tonight.

Friday-Tuesday: Finalizing the Framework
TCGIS Administration will take the parameters given by the state and work to finish - or nearly finish - the framework so our educators can join in the process starting Wednesday, August 5. We promise a clear framework and a defined set of essential questions.

We need our community! 
Our educators and families will play a substantial role in this process, which will be one of several keys to our success: 

  • Wednesday, August 5: 9-12, Staff work session via zoom
  • Friday, August 7, 9-12, Staff work session via zoom
  • TCGIS will hold a Family Information and Input Gathering Session via zoom on Tuesday evening, August 11 at 6:30p.m. In advance of this meeting, please submit your questions and concerns to We will try to answer as many of them during our family information and input session. 

TCGIS will ensure stakeholder input plays an essential role in our final preparations for school in the fall through surveys, focus groups and collaboration with our councils.

The days ahead will be challenging for sure, with all of these new problems to solve in unprecedented times. I hope you share with me my solid confidence in our TCGIS team - its educators, its leaders, its families and its kids - to rise to this challenge and get us through safely and successfully. 

Mit optimistischem Gruß,

Ted Anderson
Executive Director
Guidelines for Families -
2020/21 School year

On July 10 MDE released new guidelines for families to help them plan for the new 2020/21 school year.

This document gives families a quick overview of the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidance for schools, so families know what information they should expect from their child’s school.