Liebe TCGIS-Gemeinschaft,

We write to you today to announce a change to the administrative team at TCGIS. Having served the school for over 5 successful years, TCGIS Director of International Programs and Outreach, Tina Haarbusch accepted a leadership role at the German Immersion School of Boston as their Head of Administration. Katharina Schirg, who worked closely with Tina on the Intern Program, communications, and fundraising, has been promoted to the role of Director of International Programs and Outreach.
We greatly appreciate Tina’s dedication to our mission and are grateful for the key role she played in the school's growth and evolution into TCGIS as we know it today. Tina first significantly contributed through her initial role in Fundraising and Communications, and continuously took on larger responsibilities over the years, culminating in her role as Director of International Programs and Outreach. 
As the J1 Visa and intern coordinator, Tina was instrumental in revamping and bringing the Intern Program in-house which allowed for better matching German university students with internships corresponding to their courses of study. As a dual German-American citizen, Tina was uniquely able to help TCGIS navigate the German academic world and school networks, such as the WDA (Weltverband Deutscher Auslandsschulen) to which TCGIS also belongs, which has been critical in helping TCGIS successfully recruit teachers from Germany. In addition, Tina was an expert collaborator on many teams and committees at TCGIS. 
We are pleased that Katharina can ably step into this role. With extensive experience in school communication, our Capstone and Intern programs, and as a key staff member with our Fundraising and Development Committee, her skills allow for a smooth transition for our school. We are excited to see Katharina take on increased responsibility and look forward to her continued contributions.
The entire administrative team and Board of Directors are grateful for Tina’s many contributions and wish her all the best in Boston as she embarks on the next stage of her storied career. Herzlichen Dank to Tina for all the energy and dedication she has given TCGIS.
Please join us in thanking Tina for her contributions to TCGIS and the children we serve, and congratulating Katharina on her new role.

Schönes Wochenende,

Ted Anderson, Executive Director
Julie Alkatout, Board Chair
Twin Cities German Immersion School: