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November Learning Plan
Liebe TCGIS Gemeinschaft, 

We hope that all of you - families, kids and staff alike - were able to enjoy the full week break from school year 2020-21. This week has afforded us the chance to step back and reflect on the huge achievements that our TCGIS staff and our TCGIS kids have made this fall. Our educators are reinventing school on the fly and our kids are adjusting to bigger changes than most of us have ever had to. 

Looking ahead to the coming days and weeks:

  • Please remember that our kids have ONE MORE DAY of break, with Monday, October 19 being a professional learning day for our teachers. 
  • ALL students are in distance learning from 10/20 to 10/30.
  • As outlined in the TCGIS Learning Model Transition Plan, approved by our board in September, the Incident Response Team met on Thursday to determine TCGIS’ learning model as of Monday, November 2. With COVID numbers rising again, according to data from the State of Minnesota, TCGIS will remain in STAGE 1 (see page 4):

  • ES continues on the hybrid model.
  • MS continues with distance learning. 

The Incident Response Team is reassessing the need for the quarantine weeks after a break. Make sure to share your voice in the stakeholder surveys which will appear this week. 

In case you missed it, the TCGIS board voted on October 8 to approve an adjusted calendar. The calendar is here. Herr Anderson’s video explaining the changes can be seen here.

In closing, we would also like to celebrate all members of our community for their diligence and cooperation in our prevention measures. To date, there have been NO cases of COVID at TCGIS and we feel tremendously fortunate for that fact. 

Schöne Herbstgrüße

Ted Anderson