April 20, 2020

Dear Ranney School Community,

During this unprecedented time, I am reminded time and again of the resilience, generosity, and creativity of our Ranney families. Our families and students are leading efforts to support frontline health workers with meals and donations of N95 masks and other protective gear to families, as well as reaching out to ask how they can support those in need within our own Ranney community. We are deeply aware of the fact that statewide stay-at-home rules enacted to impede the spread of the virus and keep us safe have led to job loss and disruption and other loss of income. Often, the most vulnerable among us are hit the hardest. 

Many of us are feeling powerless and may be wondering how we can help. Two Upper School families, the Zugels (Christian, Sonia, Lucia '23, and Ashleigh '16) and the Uzzis (Jennifer, Jerry, and Christina '22) reached out to us and inspired an idea. Both families plan to donate all or a significant portion of the refunds they received from Maymester travel and their lunch tuition credit back to the school or to Lunch Break. This combined support is close to $5,000.

This generosity inspired the idea: if every family donated even a portion of their lunch credit, we could raise over $100,000 to support families who are struggling.

The Zugel and Uzzi families would like to invite you to consider joining them in support of either Ranney’s need-based financial aid program or Lunch Break. Please consider donating all or a portion of your lunch credit (or other refunds, if applicable). 

The Zugels shared this about their wish to help:  

“Many lives have been turned upside down by the current crisis. We care very much about combating food insecurity through support of Lunch Break, but also know that there are many families even within our own community that may be facing hardships and need more support.”

The Uzzis added:  

"So many people are struggling. We have supported Lunch Break and would also love to help Ranney families. We believe need-based financial aid is critically important to ensure Ranney is accessible to wonderful families and students."

If you would like to join in this effort, you can make a donation here and indicate whether you would like your gift to support Ranney’s need-based financial aid program or Lunch Break. You can also email your intention to Director of Development Kathleen Brown at kbrown@ranneyschool.or g .

Thank you in advance for considering this request. Together, our collective donations of these credits can make a significant impact. Thank you to the Uzzis and Zugels for inspiring this idea, and to so many of you who have taken action to help those in need in our community. 

All of you are in my thoughts. Please stay safe and healthy.


Dr. John W. Griffith
Head of School