To: ITGA Members
From: Beth Bagwell, ITGA Executive Director
The ITGA continues to grow and remain essential due to steady inputs, questions and ideas from our talented membership. This impressive number of professionals who live town-gown on a daily basis is at an all-time high, though sometimes ITGA needs to tell its own story in better form.

To help meet this end, at our State College conference your colleagues produced an ITGA video that will assist with outreach and education in the coming years. It's a splendid piece that sits at the base of under Member Spotlight. There couldn't be a more appropriate platform, because ITGA is only as strong as its members, so thank you.

If you haven't had the chance to watch and share yet, please do so. We've been receiving feedback from near and far this week, basically versions of "Way to go!" or, quite simply, "Thanks we needed this."

What I like about the video is that it captures the nuts-and-bolts work of campus-community collaborations, and ITGA's role in responsive leadership, for the common good. In this short piece, we hear from colleagues
in several states and the U.K. about the big-picture power of ITGA today, and its value going forward.

A representative sentence from Penn State's Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims: "If (you're) in a town-gown situation, the ITGA is the only thing you absolutely need to be part of."

By necessity, the ITGA will always evolve in order to grow and remain essential. Related, ITGA-connected regional conferences have been recently held and are being planned, including the Ohio Town & Gown Summit, July 18-19.

Finally, most importantly, the heart and backbone of the ITGA is its diverse membership representing thousands of colleagues who are making a difference in their college towns, and are committed to sharing success stories, challenges and lessons learned along the way.

Thank you for your membership and steady engagement.
International Town & Gown Association