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Due to the recently confirmed presence of red tide in Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, in collaboration with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), collected water samples on Tuesday, October 2, at four locations off the coast of the County for testing. The County received results late Wednesday indicating that elevated levels of the algae linked to red tide have been detected. Here is an update on conditions in Miami Beach. 

Update on Beach Conditions
Although results for the sampling areas off Miami Beach were reported in the very-low to low range, results for samples collected off Haulover Park were reported in the medium concentration range.

The beaches in Miami Beach remain open . However in an abundance of caution, Miami-Dade County has temporarily closed all public beaches located north of Haulover Inlet until further notice. Miami-Dade County will continue to monitor this situation and will be coordinating with state officials on further testing and any updated instructions regarding the presence of red tide in our area.

Red tides produce toxic chemicals that can affect marine organisms as well as humans. The Florida Department of Health advises people with severe or chronic respiratory conditions to avoid red tide areas. Additionally, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife, pets may also be affected by red tide. For more information on this and answers to other frequently asked questions, visit the  Florida Department of Health  or the  Florida Fish and Wildlife .   

For updates on beach conditions in Miami Beach, please visit our website at  and click the Beach tab in the upper right corner.

Miami-Dade County will continue to take proactive steps to ensure our residents and visitors are not affected. Samples will continue to be collected and they will seek guidance from the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and take precautionary measures as warranted.

Beachgoers are encouraged to check conditions before they go to the beach as conditions can change daily. 
Karenia brevis Levels Explained
The following chart explains how to understand the reported reading and levels of Karenia brevis .
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Current Beach Conditions

Report Fish Kills:  800.636.0511 (FWC) 
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