These are challenging times - everywhere and especially here. If there is a community anywhere that is unfamiliar with social distancing – it is ours. Our entire hospitality industry is set up for encouraging dancing and hugging and getting together in big venues with lots of family friends, or coworkers, and generally not distancing ourselves from one another.

That has all changed...for now. This virus is deadly serious, and we need to respond in kind. 
Our City has closed off much of the ways we connect with one another. Restaurants, bars, all our entertainment venues and health clubs will no longer be open for public gathering. And any gathering outside – including on our beautiful beaches or in our fabulous parks – must be less than 10 people. You can expect even more measures will be enacted in the next few days and weeks.

Click the video preview below, or click here , for the full update on our latest efforts.

We are also providing daily updates from the City via email and social media and on our website – providing the most up to date information available. Our website link is
You can click here to sign up for our daily emails . You can also contact the Florida Department of Health at 1-866-779-6121.
It’s important you know that our City Manager Jimmy Morales and all our City staff are working around the clock to address this multi-faceted and forever evolving challenge. We are in constant communication with our county, state and federal partners.

We will get through this – this virus will one day be in our rear view mirror. Part of why we are taking such extraordinary measures is to get it there as fast as possible.

Thanks for your patience and trust. Stay healthy.