Hurricane Dorian Update
Saturday, August 31, 2019, 5pm:
Miami Beach and much of South Florida no longer under a hurricane watch
The latest National Hurricane Center report ind icates Miami Beach and much of So uth Florida no longer under a hurricane watch.

Although Hurricane Dorian continues to be a very serious storm, today's 5:00 pm update, fortunately, reflects a northern trajectory taking the storm even farther away from South Florida and the Florida coast. Both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are no longer under a hurricane watch.

While we still expect rainy, windy and stormy weather (and a few inches of rainfall) in our area over the next 48 hours, we will be significantly deescalating our recommended preparation while we continue to monitor the storm to assure nothing changes in the forecast.  

You can expect our weather will likely be wet and windy, but not atypical from other summer storms and thunder showers.  
Returning To Normal
Here are some updates on how we are returning to normal City operations.
Sandbag Information

There will be no further sandbag distribution this weekend. We will likely announce a future distribution some time over the next few weeks for those that were unable to receive them today.

While we recommend keeping your sandbags for the remainder of hurricane season, if you can't store them please dispose of them like bulk waste which the City collects (and do not pour them on the beach or in any drains).

Retrieving Your Vehicle from City Garages

In consideration to those who may have left town, residents will have until Tuesday, September 3rd at 12:00 p.m. to remove their cars from City garages free of charge. Garages will return to normal operations at noon on Tuesday.

The City parking garage at Fifth Street and Alton Road will not open for free residential parking and will continue operating as normal.

Parks and Beaches

City parks and beaches will remain open with normal operating hours. Although parks will be open, we will not be restoring shade canopies and other movable elements (e.g..nets and wind shields on the tennis courts) until Tuesday.

Flood Information

The pumps and generators we have deployed will remain through the weekend given the expectation that there will be some flooding due to King Tide and expected rainfalls.

Visit our City Flood Awareness web page for information on flood protection.

Report flooding in the City of Miami Beach eGov app or call 305.673.7625.

Bulk Pick-up Information

City operations will continue as scheduled.


For information on scheduled lane closures on FDOT construction projects that affect traffic to/from and in Miami Beach, please click here .

Trolley Operations

The City of Miami Beach trolley service will continue operating as normal.
Stay Informed:
Stay Informed

To receive up-to-date information from the City before, during and after the storm, visit and text MBAlert to 888777. 

For questions and concerns regarding Miami Beach you can call 305.604.CITY.

Call 311 to connect with Miami-Dade County's call center for updated information. Use 911 for emergencies only.

If you would like to get a hold of our Resident Information Center, please call 305.604.CITY (2489). Use 911 for emergencies only.

Important Links

While I would never prematurely deescalate our hurricane preparation, the experts we rely on have uniformly indicated our weather experiences will be typical of the summer and not extreme.

Accordingly, I think it important that we let people know that they can begin to return to normalcy. Obviously, for those in the Bahamas and the East Coast, we pray for their safety as they confront a very dangerous storm.