Message from the
Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
Board Chair

Welcome to our new Interim Executive Director Marian Goldstone
10 years ago was a life changing event for me; I became a volunteer at Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba. From that time to the present day I have marveled as I watched the organization grow and develop, helping people, lifting spirits and giving hope and healing where this did not seem possible. It has evolved into the solid leader of mental health peer support, education and advocacy that is unsurpassed in Manitoba today. Through policies of inclusivity and the tireless efforts of staff and volunteers who keep MDAM open 365 days a year, we are helping more families and communities in Manitoba than ever before.

Today we celebrate the accomplishments of Mood Disorders and its staff and volunteers in partnership with our generous donors and supporters. And today we celebrate with gratitude and affection, the person whose vision, dedication and leadership has brought us through the last 12 years with a renewed energy and remarkable accomplishments. Tara Snider has been ED for the past 12 years. Over that time the organization has doubled in size and increased its reach from helping 6,000 people to 100,000 people who come to us for help annually. Through Tara’s foresight and her ability to see the need, understand the solution and work with our donors to fund programs, she has helped make the seemingly impossible, possible, and brought awareness and understanding to mental health issues that is life-changing for many people. In the course of her tenure she has also assembled a remarkable staff for the organization; our current team of compassionate, dedicated and talented individuals who work in all regions of the province.

Today we celebrate the strengths of MDAM and we celebrate Tara as she embarks on the next leg of her career journey. Tara will be leaving MDAM later in May and we wish her the very best for all her future endeavors. We thank her for her vision, generosity of spirit,her guidance and stewardship, for her friendship and her tireless efforts to help others help themselves. Mood Disorders has never been stronger than it is today. And we are deeply grateful to Tara and to all to the MDAM Staff and volunteers who make it all happen.
MDAM has a deep pool of talented staff and today we are very pleased to introduce Marian Goldstone who will be acting as our Interim ED later in May. Marian has been our Outreach Manger in the Westman region for the past 2 years, where she is highly respected and has gained accolades and awards for her efforts to improve mental health and wellness. She is passionate about her work in mental health and is eager to bring her expertise to MDAM province wide. Marian has an extensive background in education and school administration, and was a partner in a promotional arts management company. She has an outstanding background in education; she has a B.A (Psychology), an M.A. (English), a B.Ed. (Special Ed.), an M.Ed. (Special Ed.) and an M.Ed. (Counseling). With the Manitoba Department of Education she has a Permanent Teaching Certificate, a Special Education Teaching Certificate, and a Special Education Coordinator Certificate. Marian holds numerous course accreditations including Non-violent Crisis Intervention Training Program, Cross Cultural Communication, /Generations in the Workplace, Service Advantage/Dealing with Difficult People (WHMIS), First Aid and CPR, Mental Health First Aid, Clearing the Path, Get Better Together Facilitator. In 2000 she received the Learning Disabilities Association for Manitoba Distinguished Service Award, and in 2003 she received the Dedicated Volunteer Service Award from the Manitoba Teachers Society Primary Prevention Team. Marian is a great believer in education, self-help and is constantly looking at ways to improve outcomes. She enjoys working with people and her energy and enthusiasm are an inspiration. We look forward to the path ahead with renewed energy, ideas and opportunities to bring mental health education, advocacy, hope and healing to those who need it most.

On behalf of the board, thank you for your continued support, helping us to help others,

Together we are making a difference.

Pamela Mann

Pamela Mann, FCSI 
Chair of the Board
Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
4 Fort Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1C4
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The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba is a self-help organization dedicated to providing support, education and advocacy for those living with a mood disorder, co-occurring disorders or other mental health illnesses. We increase public awareness about mood disorders and empower people to develop hope and recovery.

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