Message from the President
May 16, 2020

The City and County of San Francisco Department of Public Health has issued a revised Health Order (C19-08b) and two Directives (No. 2020-08, No.2020-09) that allow dental practices to implement a phased return of needed dental treatment.
Our most important mandate is to provide these essential dental services without spreading the Covid-19 virus. Dental treatment can be provided as long as the requirements of the directives are followed. However, if you can postpone treatment, you are encouraged to do so.
We are providing some of the key points, and links, but urge you to read through the Emergency order and the two Directives completely and implement all the requirements prior to seeing patients.
The safety of your patients, your staff, and yourselves is paramount. Please proceed at a pace that allows you to meet all the necessary requirements.

I again thank you for your support. 

President Nogueiro
Carlos Nogueiro, DDS

The Directive of the Health Officer, Directive 2020-09 , Regarding Required Bests Practices for Dental Health Care defines what dental health care may be provided and under what conditions. Should there be an increase in COVID-19 cases, or if it appears dentistry is not complying with the mandatory criteria, the Health Officer may revoke this Directive, reverting back to the provisions of Health Order C19-08b that restricts care to emergency and essential care only.
Dental care includes preventative, restorative, maintenance, cosmetic, hygiene, corrective, orthodontic, urgent or emergency care. Practices must, at all times , meet all of the applicable requirements of the Directive, including Exhibit A of directive 2020-09 Best Practices and the CDHP Guidance for Resuming Deferred and Preventive Dental Care of May 7 (Exhibit B of Directive 2020-09). The overarching requirements include:

  • Patients/clients screening for symptoms in advance of any in-person-visit and again on the calendar day of the visit before the patient or client enters to office /facility
  • Maintaining an appropriate supply of PPE (14 days) and all other necessary medical and cleaning supplies and staffing to safely treat patients
  • Create, adopt, and implement a written Health and Safety Plan that addresses the Best Practices Exhibit A and CDPH Guidance Exhibit B; detailing a plan implementing these and describing compliance (not a check list, a separate document/plan).
  • Providing a Summary of the Plan to dental team members, with a copy of the Plan posted at the entrance/reception desk, and to anyone that requests a copy. 
  • Posting all of the required postings/posters - these are available for download from the Outreach Toolkit for COVID-19 with posters.  
  • Distributing the Handout for Personnel of Essential Business document to each dental team member
All Orders and Directives are subject to change and you must continue to stay in compliance. You are required to stay current with all orders exhibits (A & B), etc., and provide updated copies to all personnel and to update your Health and Safety Plan accordingly.

Directive 2020-08 applies to dentists providing non-emergency surgical procedures including certain dental procedures not otherwise subject to Directive 2020-09 regarding dental procedures, as well as other pre-planned surgeries or non-surgical procedures that involve general anesthesia or conscious sedation. If this applies to your situation, please review this directive as there are some differences to the Dental Health Care Directive.

Finally, we ant to highlight that enhanced screening through testing is available for essential workers, even if asymptomatic. You and your team can go to their PCP or visit
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