Dear Congregants,  
In the wake of Central Synagogue of Manhattan’s sexual abuse report, Chicago Sinai Congregation joins others in the Reform Jewish World to take responsibility for those who are suffering in silence from the misdeeds of clergy and other Jewish leaders, past and present.    
We embrace Rabbi Limmer’s call to create brave spaces for painful truths to be told, and to do our part to address what the Women’s Rabbinic Network describes as the “systemic lack of safety and accountability that has existed for far too long within the Reform Movement and the Jewish World at large.”   
To that end, if you or someone you know has something to tell us about our clergy, lay leadership or anyone else at Chicago Sinai Congregation, past or present, we ask that you please contact the independent third-party complaint review team established for this purpose at  This email address will be active through August 31, 2021.  The senders of any emails to this email address will not be identified to Chicago Sinai unless they explicitly give the review team permission to do so.   
You may also express concerns at any time directly to our President, Dr. Alison Tothy, or to any other member of the Chicago Sinai Board Officers Committee.   
Thank you,
Dr. Alison Tothy  
President; Chicago Sinai Board of Trustees
Chicago Sinai Congregation | 15 W. Delaware | Chicago, IL 60610 | 312-867-7000