Dear KCU Students, Faculty and Staff:

It has been two months since KCU began our fall semester and unlike many other universities, our classes have continued uninterrupted. That is in great part due to your cooperation and patience as we navigate our way through the pandemic. We have asked much of you with regard to restricting activities both on and off campus and your compliance, though it may seem painful at times, makes a tremendous impact on keeping our campuses safe!

The remainder of the semester will go by quickly and I wanted to provide you with a glimpse into the coming days and months with respect to the academic calendar as well as our efforts to keep our campus safe.

Important Dates to Note on Your Calendar

  • There will be no planned on-campus activities beginning Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020 through Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. (There may be exceptions made for COB BIOS Research Track students.) All classes and exams between Thanksgiving and winter break will be delivered remotely. All students on COM clinical rotations and PsyD practicums should continue as scheduled through the end of the year.

  • For spring semester, students must return to Kansas City or Joplin according to the following schedule in order to comply with the University’s 14-day quarantine guideline:
  • COM Class of 2024 – in place by Jan. 4 for Jan. 19 on-campus activities.
  • COM Class of 2023 – in place by Jan. 11 for Jan. 25 on-campus activities.
  • COB and PsyD – in place by Jan. 4 for Jan. 19 on-campus activities.

  • Spring Break will occur as scheduled: March 8-12, 2021. All classes and exams will be offered remotely for the 14-day period after spring break. 

You can expect to receive further communications with details specific to your program of study from your dean or director.

Please remember that the University will continue to follow the published 2020-21 academic calendar; therefore, any classes that are not specified as “on-campus” will be delivered online.

Randomized COVID-19 Testing

In July, as we began to reawaken our campus, KCU conducted COVID-19 testing for all students, faculty and employees returning to campus. As we continue to assess the spread of the disease within our campus community, beginning the week of Sept. 28, KCU will facilitate a COVID-19 surveillance randomized testing program for students and employees who are currently engaged in on-campus activities. 

Surveillance” testing means sampling a percentage of a specific population (our student and employee population) to monitor for increasing/decreasing prevalence (of COVID-19) and to determine the population effect from community interventions (such as physical distancing). (Adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

The objectives of this essential step in our “Reawakening” plan are to:

  • Successfully mitigate and monitor the spread of COVID-19;
  • Address trends and prevalence of the spread of the disease;
  • Allow for early detection; and
  • Provide for timely decisions on intervention.

Random samples of students and certain employee groups will be selected and tested for COVID-19 based on their on-campus schedule. Those who are randomly selected will be notified by email with the date and time of testing along with further detailsIf selected, you are required to participate unless otherwise exempted.

Any member of the campus community who fits the following criteria will be exempt from this randomized testing:

  • Develops symptoms of COVID-19 or becomes aware that they have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19. These individuals should engage with Score 1 and follow the protocol guidance provided.

  • Is now asymptomatic but has tested positive for COVID-19 from previous testing efforts during the last 90 days.

As we begin this manner of testing, we hope the results will indicate we can loosen guidelines, give you more time on campus and encourage increased flexibility in your lives off campus. Until then, I appreciate your patience and cooperation. And, continue to remember these words:

Avoid parties. Keep gatherings small. Wear a mask. Wash Hands. Protect others.

Best Regards,