Dear Temple B'nai Chaim Family,

I am writing to let you know that yesterday afternoon, I was made aware that a swastika had been found in a bathroom of Middlebrook Middle School.

I immediately reached out to the administration of Wilton Public Schools.  Since my initial phone call, I have been in contact with Superintendent Kevin Smith as well as senior administrators of the Middle School.  I am confident that they are taking what happened very seriously, and I will be meeting with them next week so that I can understand and support their plans as the school moves forward.

I can tell you that every time it is necessary for me to send out an email like this one, I feel frustrated and disappointed.  

After learning of yesterday's incident, I channeled those feelings into a message for the community beyond TBC.  

I hope that we will see our neighbors reaching out in friendship even as they raise their voices to declare that this community respects and values every member.

I pray that this Shabbat, each of us feels as if we are protected by a sukat shalom , a shelter of peace.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Rachel Bearman