Dear Temple B'nai Chaim Family,

As you may have heard, the home next to Witon's Hindu Temple (the home is considered to be part of the congregation's worship space) was vandalized yesterday.  

After learning of this incident, my interfaith colleagues and I immediately reached out to Swami Balgopal and asked what we could do to support him and his community.

This morning, Swami Balgopal shared an invitation for everyone to join his congregation in worship tonight at 7pm.  I will be there along with clergy and friends from many different congregations in Wilton.  

The Wilton Bulletin has published this invitation along with more information about tonight's logistics.  Please use the link below to access the Bulletin's article.    

If you plan on attending, please note that shoes will stay outside of the temple and that everyone should wear clothing that will allow them to sit comfortably on the floor.

I hope that you will join me tonight as we worship with and support our friends in the Hindu community.


Rabbi Rachel Bearman