"Red Light and Blue"
Tina Sisay
“What political color would God choose”?

Message of Hope and a Call for Unity...
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"Red Light and Blue"

"Soul-stirring and powerful...a message we all can use in these times of trouble."
Contemporary Fusion Reviews
"Red Light and Blue reveals Tina Sisay to be a true wordsmith and a poet of the highest caliber."
skope magazine

"Undoubtedly an artist at the top of her game, and the perfect vocalist to offer up such a relevant and heartfelt hit of songwriting."
Stereo Stickman
Meet Tina Sisay

Tina Sisay is a Southern California native. She has been singing most of her life, however songwriting is relatively new. Listening and reading about the constant political divide in the United States, caused Tina to consider God’s perspective in all of this. What political color would God choose? The Sunday before George Floyd passed away and nationwide protests ensued, "Red Light and Blue" came into her heart. “Red Light and Blue” clearly illustrates that God does not align with one political party over the other. God is calling each of us to love one another and to live in unity. Tina has captured this powerful message in a bold and beautiful way.
Lyrics by Tina Sisay

God is not red, nor is he blue
He's the light of the world
Let his light shine through

Everything's upside down
When a truth's a lie and a lies a truth
Everything seems so loud
It's hard to tell to who's really loving who

He loves the unborn
And grieves with those who mourn
He loves justice and righteousness
He's calling us to show the world
His light and how to live in unity

God is not red, nor is he blue
He's the light of the world
Let his light shine through

There's neither Jew nor Gentile
Neither slave nor free
He's calling us to love
And live in unity