News and Happenings at Operación San Andrés - Collique, Lima, Perú November 2019
Dear Friends of Operación San Andrés,

First, thank you for your friendship, prayer support and contributions that make our mission work in Collique, Lima, Peru possible. Without you, the successes we have achieved over the past 16 years could not have occurred.
I also want to alert you to our participation in the Giving Tuesday Global Giving Movement occurring on Tuesday, December 3, 2019. This special day of philanthropy provides an opportunity for you to partner with Operaci ó n San Andr é s (OSA) by making a donation to help us continue bringing hope and a better future to the families and children living in Collique. MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR GIVING TUESDAY and plan your participation to help OSA create a better future for God's children in Collique. You can DONATE now or on Giving Tuesday.  Click HERE to follow OSA's Giving Tuesday campaign on Facebook.
You may recall that Collique began as a shantytown on the desert side of the Andes Mountains. The terrain here is mountainous and rocky, has very low annual rainfall, and the living conditions are harsh. Most of the population is underemployed and working in low-paying day jobs that result in poor diet, chronic health problems, substandard housing and generally unhealthy living conditions.

OSA House is a building in Collique that serves as the base of operations for this ministry. Many activities occur here that enrich the lives of children, families, mothers and dads. OSA has a staff of 12 full-time and 12 part-time workers in Collique at the OSA House and at Luz de Esperanza, the church constructed and started by OSA in 2013. OSA's programs are supported by an all-volunteer team in the U.S. All donations support the ministry and programs in Peru.

The remainder of this newsletter provides several  examples of OSA's ministry in the community of Collique.
Bi-annual Medical Campaigns to Collique:

Collique children, youth and adults receive needed medical examinations through two mission trips each year. These clinics provide medical examinations, treatment of identified medical conditions, dental care, distribution of eye glasses, and counseling. In between medical campaigns those patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension are monitored and treated through a telemedicine program. Donations totaling $5,000 will pay for half of the medications required for OSA mission trips in 2020.
Educational Enrichment and Nutrition Program:
OSA o perates an educational enrichment and nutrition program in which approximately 70 children aged 6 to 11 participate. These children receive nutritious lunches 5 days each week  throughout the calendar year. Academic enrichment, recreation, personal hygiene, social skills and spiritual development are integrated into the daily activities of the program. A donation of $50 will cover the cost of one week of lunches for 5 kids.

Healthy Families and Women's Empowerment:

OSA believes that healthy families are the building blocks for healthy communities. Family outings, holiday celebrations, and similar programs help residents of Collique experience what healthy families look and feel like. OSA also provides leadership for community programs directed at awareness and prevention of gender violence and sexual abuse. Other programs are aimed at Women's Empowerment through classes that teach income producing skills. Your donations will support OSA's priority of "forming healthy families" in Collique.

Luz de Esperanza Church:

The Luz de Esperanza Church celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2019. In addition to a growing pastoral ministry and family counseling, the church sponsors a kid's club with 30+ children, a youth group with about 20 teens, and weekly worship services. The church also sponsors home Bible study groups for women, support groups for men, and family social gatherings. A donation of $100 will allow Luz de Esperanza to purchase 20 Spanish language Bibles.

Educational Assistance for High School Graduates:

OSA firmly believes that improved education is the most effective way to break the cycle of poverty. The families in Collique live in extreme poverty and cannot afford the expense of higher education for their children. Presently OSA and its partners pay the tuition and fees for 7 students enrolled in post-secondary education. OSA aspires to add more students to this program. A gift of $250 will cover one month of tuition for a college student sponsored by OSA.
Dwelling Improvement Program:
People in the poorer neighborhoods near the OSA mission site live in makeshift houses made of low cost or reclaimed materials. These families, especially the children, suffer from exposure to the elements, a lack of privacy, and generally unhealthy conditions aggravated by the lack of sanitation facilities and living on dirt floors. Each year, volunteers with OSA mission teams construct 4 or 5 houses with concrete floors, plywood walls and weather proof roofs. Gifts totaling $2000 will cover the cost of a new house for a family in Collique.

Concluding Remarks:
I hope these pictures and examples give you a better understanding of the many activities and programs OSA is currently doing in Collique.  OSA requests your partnership in assisting even more children, youth, families, women and men to live a more healthy lifestyle, have a more spiritual perspective, and escape the vicious cycle of poverty.  Thanks in advance for your donation today or on Giving Tuesday.

With Thanks and Appreciation:

Dr. Luis and Ruth Campos - Founders of OSA
OSA Staff in Peru
OSA Board of Directors and Volunteers

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