Dear Members:

The Board of Directors of the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) is pleased to introduce your new president, Dr. Vishal Bhella, a community family physician from Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Bhella has been an ACFP Director since February 2015 and most recently served as the Chair of the First Five Years in Practice Committee. He has been attending meetings with the CFPC as President Elect and also holds other volunteer positions on committees and coalitions within Alberta focused on integration and system improvement.

We are very confident in the leadership capabilities of Dr. Bhella, and in the steadfast strength and experience of the current Directors of the Board as a whole.

ACFP’s Commitment to Excellence in Governance
The Board met recently to discuss the ongoing governance of the ACFP and considered the need for governance and organizational knowledge and experience on the Board for the next 18-month period as Dr. Bhella moves from President Elect to President.

The ACFP Board considered the benefits and challenges of several options available based on Bylaws and Policies in place and felt it best for the vacancy to be filled by a past Board member who had organizational history and could support the ACFP Board through their experience and mentorship. We are pleased to announce that the immediate Past President, Dr. John Chmelicek has agreed to re-join the ACFP Board as Past President and will serve in this capacity from July 2018 through March 2020. Having left the Board as Past President in March of this year, Dr. Chmelicek will have no difficultly resuming this past role in which he served previously so well. Please join us in welcoming back Dr. John Chmelicek to the ACFP Board of Directors. 

An additional vacancy left by the departure of Dr. Anthony Train, who has accepted an academic position at Queens University in Ontario, will be filled in the upcoming nominations process beginning this fall.

Despite the difficult challenges we have all recently faced (our further comments on same appear below), together we will continue to move our organization forward with the best interests of members in mind. We have received many encouraging words of support from members, partners, and other stakeholders, exemplifying the valued work of the ACFP which is a culmination of many years of dedication from volunteer members, partners, and staff.

Removal of Fred Janke as President of ACFP
Effective the morning of June 29th, 2018, upon his arrest and criminal charges, Fred Janke was removed from the Board of Directors for the Alberta College of Family Physicians. We all have been deeply affected by the shocking news but respect the legal system and will leave such matters to the courts. The ACFP Board and Staff extend our support to our members, and to communities at the University of Alberta and in Sylvan Lake whom have worked closely with Fred Janke over the years. 

Our Thanks to You, Our Member Physicians
The ACFP remains committed to the organization’s mission as the voice of family physicians and in advancing excellence in family practice. We will continue our efforts to provide quality continuing professional development, support and advocate for family physicians, promote awareness for the value of the family physician, and to influence public and health policy towards excellence in patient care.

Thank you for ongoing support and your commitment to our specialty, and our patients.

In your service,

The ACFP Board of Directors
Dr. Vishal Bhella, President
Dr. John Chmelicek, Past President
Dr. Noel DaCunha
Dr. Sudha Koppula, Secretary
Dr. Sonya Lee
Dr. Anila Ramaliu
Dr. Randall Sargent
Dr. Clark Svrcek, Treasurer