Message To All Family Members
July 2, 2020


Policy and Procedure for Compassion Care Visits.
If a resident is imminently passing, indoor compassion care visits will be arranged by the facility with the family.

Requirements that must be followed in accordance with DPH regulations and individual facilities policies and procedures are to include the following, but are subject to change at anytime depending on the 
COVID-19 status of the building.

Visits are limited to only two visits per day.

The length of the visit will be 15 minutes only

Visits will be between the hours of 9-5.

All visitors will be required to answer a health screening questionnaire and have their temperature taken prior to entering the facility.

Temperature must be 99.0 or below to be allowed into the building. All answers on the health screening questionnaire must be a NO. 

If their temperature is above 99.0 or yes is answered on any of the questions, the visitor will not be allowed into the building. The visiting process will stop immediately!

Visitors will be required to don a gown, eye protection (which will be returned and cleaned at end of visit), KN95 masks, bouffant and gloves.

Please be aware that if you are returning for another visit you need to bring back with you the KN95 mask provided (due to limited supply only one KN95 mask will be provided per visitors and we will not be providing another one). During the second visit please cover KN95 with surgical mask that will be provided by the facility.

Prior to visitor donning gloves, the staff member will instruct the visitor to use hand sanitize.

The visitor's shoes should be sprayed with disinfectant prior to entering the building.

Nothing will be allowed into the building (i.e. phones, gifts, food)

Trash bin to be placed outside of building. Visitor will remove all gear. They will keep their mask. 

Eye protection will be cleaned and sanitized by Dodge Park staff member to be reused on next visit. Housekeeping to be called to collect trash and remove. 

Trash will then be sprayed with disinfected and placed in-between doors.

All policies and procedures are put in place for the safety of the residents, staff and family members.

We are here to support you and your loved one during this difficult time.

Micha Shalev, Ben Herlinger and Carrie Lindberg