Message To All Family Members
May 1, 2020

Dear valuable family members,

We know you are all worried and concerned about the welfare of your loved one. Please be rest assured that we will do all we can to keep our building safe, in whatever method we have control of.

We received this afternoon the final result of our 3rd and final phase of employee testing that took place yesterday at both facilities. We are very happy to announce that all employee tests from MAy 30, 2020 came back negative to COVID-19.

As of today we tested 100% of our workforce. This is quite an achievement that we are very proud of.
Out of over 280 tests that we did between residents and staff only 2 employees came positive, (1 fully recover and already tested negative once and one still quarentine) 

For those of you that follow the MA DPH web site on facilities with active COVID-19, I would like to mention that yesterday it was posted that Dodge has <10 cases. (normally each facility with 2+ cases either staff or residents, are listed with <10)This is a mistake on DPH part. I contacted the state this morning and they promised me that they will remove Dodge Park from the state listing of nursing home and rest home with COVID-19.

We know that the fight against the COVID-19 spread is a long and ongoing battle. We will try to do our best to keep our employees and your loved one safe. We implemented a very strict hiring process and require that any new candidate to be tested negative before start of employment.

We will continue update you on our facility status on a regular base.

Thank you for your trust in our care. I am glad we could deliver such a good news to all of you before the weekend. 

Stay safe.

Micha Shalev and Ben Herlinger
Dodge Park and The Oasis at Dodge Park