Message To All Family Members
March 21, 2020

Dear valuable family members,

We were contacted by numerous family members about delivering foods, flowers, and other items to our residents in the facility. A few family members attempted to deliver some goods and a few offered to send food to our staff.

We appreciate the concern and goodwill, but due to the current spread of COVID-19 we are not allowing any outside items in our facility. We are also carefully handling all incoming mail to our building, so please try to avoid sending postcards for the time being, as mail can be a carrier of the disease.

I know you are all worried and concerned about the welfare of your loved one. Please be rest assured that we will do all we can to keep our building safe, in whatever method we have control of.

Food is not a concern at all. We are getting our weekly supply from our providers and all our orders are fully fulfilled. We also increased our emergency food supply to 3-4 weeks on site as a precaution.

At the same time we are hiring extra staff to support our dedicated front line employees to ensure we have enough manpower if any employee will need to be self quarantined. 

We are in constant contact with our medical director Dr. Nedelescu and update him on any development. We are also frequently participating in briefs by the CDC and DPH to stay on top of the best practices for caring for our residents.

You are more than welcome to call in, use messenger as instructed earlier, Skype, or Google Due to contact with your loved one. I know it is a very difficult time for you and your loved ones and we will do all we can to help.

Micha Shalev and Ben Herlinger
Dodge Park and The Oasis at Dodge Park