Message To Oasis at Dodge Park  Members
July 21, 2020

  Good Afternoon Oasis at Dodge Park Family and Friends

Update on the testing 

We retest all facility staff and residents again yesterday Monday, May 20, 2020 due to positive finding with the lab tests of last week.

Unfortunately, two (2) residents and one employee results came positive for COVID-19. All individuals doing well and have no symptoms.

The residents were transferred from the facility to Beaumont for 14 days quarantine at the special recovery unit. 

Due to this finding, we currently enacting COVID positive mode operation for  COVID-19 including additional infection protocol.

For the time being we are also suspending visitation in the facility. Our policy in general is to remove the positive residents to COVID-19 quarentine and send them to 14 days quarantine at Beaumont.

We work so hard to keep this plaque out of our facility and unfortunately the vicious virus found its way into our building. We will do all can to address and minimize spread. We consulted our infection control advisor Karen Bain and she will be at the facility on Thursday after we get the result of this week testing to review and develop a plan of care. I hope no new residents will come up positive but we do prepare for this scenario as well.   

We will keep you posted on regular base on any new development. Wedo apologies that we are suspending visitation as I know how hard it is to all of you and how eager are you to visit your loved one.

Micha Shalev and Ben Herlinger