Message To All Family Members
April 2, 2020

Dear valuable family members,

We know you are all worried and concerned about the welfare of your loved one. Please be rest assured that we will do all we can to keep our building safe, in whatever method we have control of.

We were able to purchase enough procedure mask and hand sanitizes  to carry us for the next 3 months thanks to the connection of Dr. Abbas Quatab. We were able to secure shipments directly from China. As of last week we mandated that all our staff are using masks around the clock in the facility.

We separated the usual  dining rooms communal feeding  and now feeding people in 7 areas in the building in order to maintain social distance. We also break the living room sitting and spread the residents to maintain the social  distance between the living room, bird room, activity room and library. I know it is very difficult with dementia residents and it is hard to explain to them but the staff doing a wonderful  job.

I would like to thank Lisa Hugo and Rachael Casey for creating  and donating fabric face mask. Our staff seem to like them much better than the procedure masks.

Food is not a concern at all. We are getting our weekly supply from our providers and all our orders are fully fulfilled. We also increased our emergency food supply to 3-4 weeks on site as a precaution. 

We are interested in hiring extra staff to support our dedicated front line employees to ensure we have enough manpower if any employee will need to be self quarantined. We had few employees that are out due to personal issue but so far the staffing is manageable to ensure quality care. If you know any displace worker that intereted in a position please refer them to Ben and myself directly. 

Yesterday we were updated about a new procedure to handled residents that we suspicious of having a COVID -19 exposure.  Those residents can be now tested in our facility by National Guard. I hope and pray that this will not be the case with any of your loved one.

We are in constant contact with our medical director Dr. Nedelescu and update him on any development. We are also frequently participating in briefs by the CDC and DPH to stay on top of the best practices for caring for our residents.

You are more than welcome to call in, use messenger as instructed earlier, Skype, or Google Due to contact with your loved one. I know it is a very difficult time for you and your loved ones and we will do all we can to help.

Micha Shalev and Ben Herlinger
Dodge Park and The Oasis at Dodge Park