Important Dates

11/22-11/26 - Thanksgiving break
11/27 - level 1 meetings - Green, Lake, Olympus, I-team
11/28 - level 1 meetings - Red, Delta, Omega
11/28 - Orchestra concert
12/1 - Staff holiday party
12/2 - Lake Geneva Holiday Party

Things To Know

Website Personal Bios
Our new district website is set to go live on Nov. 21st. If you have not already updated your personal bio and photo please do so prior to the 21st. Follow the directions found in the link below if you need help setting it up.

Lunchroom Trivia
If this winter is going to be anything like the past, we will have some days that we won't be able to go outside due to low temperatures. Kris Marten came up with idea of having some organized activities for the students on those days. He is looking for some help from each grade level to create some Kahoots that everyone could participate in on those days. If you are interested in helping him please let him know. The group will meet on December 14th at 3:00 in room 525.

Hour of Code
Hour of Code is a world-wide event. The goal is to get as many students as possible introduced to coding. The event takes place this year during the week of Dec. 4-10. If you have never coded before or would like to have your students give it a try check out the link below.

What to do when students refuse to work
Lauren Spierenburg shared the following article and podcast about how to deal with students who refuse to work. I found it interesting and thought I would share it with everyone.

PLC meetings
For your weekly grade level content area minutes, please have them in Google Document that you share with Grant, Anne and Jan Eckola each time you meet. The questions you should be discussing in your PLC are:

  • Where are students at (academically), and what is being done for struggling/excelling students?
• What common assessments are being used? What are the results of the summative assessments?
• Updates on curriculum? Updates with technology?
• Any other necessary information?

Darin Lottig - Nov. 18
Karla Walser - Nov. 23
Trudy Hansen - Nov. 28