In the Twinkling of an Eye
Dear Friends:

Over the past 33 years The Ones With No Names have spoken about the Coming Together of the Ages, a time when the past, present and future converge. This coming together provides us the most comprehensive and vast wisdom AT ONE TIME that we have had available in the Free-will experiment.

The timing of this convergence is this summer, beginning around the middle or center of the year, June 15 th . The Ones are requesting that we make every effort to open our hearts and release old/current traumas and dramas so that we more fully stand as an ally of freedom and clarity, and a non-divisive beacon for the world.

The Ones offer the suggestion that we stand in the texture of Heaven (golden light) and bring that texture through our bodies into the earth. Their perspective is that bringing gold through the body re-synthesizes our essence and opens our pathways to Truth.

I experienced this in the last few days, a turning from duality to union through the concepts taught by The Ones, William Marshal, the Great Mother of Earth and John Henry. I learned that transforming “in the twinkling of an eye” is a true and real possibility, where anything other than clarity and union disappears.

Posted on our website under Free For All and Call Materials is content to assist you in making these important transformations in your life. For Example, The Great Mother shares that to become form we join with her when in our Mother’s womb, and she assists in creating our bodies by strengthening our Tree of Life in our placenta. She gives an exercise to strengthen our Tree of Life now and to reconnect with her to re-mineralize our bodies, which is of paramount importance if we are to feel safe. She implores us to remember that we are nature, and that we MUST become aligned and connected more fully with all life (including insects and those life forms we do not like or appreciate) to re-establish the trust necessary for peace and union on earth.

John Henry, beginning in this newsletter, spotlights how to move from doubt and insecurity into self-authority, and to reclaim our light as we create the resonance in our world that we choose rather than being conditioned by others.

We invite you to join our free Great Mother Calls , to be in touch about what would support you further, and to dive into the materials offered on our site. Also, know that you are held, cherished and loved beyond measure, because that is the way it is. We are all part of heaven and come to earth to live that here. Our opportunity to stand for Order, Light Truth and Union is optimal NOW, in the center of The Coming Together of the Ages.

Thank you for caring and for joining in the wave of Light that brings PEACE.

Flo Aeveia
Welcome to Our New John Henry Spotlight!
In the months to come, John Henry is adding his Spotlight on Self-Authority and topics he feels will support our heart into our Soul Support newsletter.

John Henry is a Once Human Angel who has brought forth HeartThread , which in the words of Gabriella Angus, a UK HeartThread Teacher, is "a quick, easy, insightful, direct and light-hearted access to information to support people.”

HeartThread is spreading quickly throughout the US and UK and you’ll be hearing a lot about it. Please join in some of our evenings to discover its power and effectiveness, or schedule a personal session from one of our Practitioners. HeartThread supports all life and opens you to more fully live YOURS!
June Happenings
Presenter: Sharron Clark
Essentials of Manifestation:
Dancing the Tango between Polarity
and Wholeness

June 25th 7 - 9 ET
Experience the Building Blocks of Creation and learn how to manifest what your soul desires with ease and grace!

Sharron Clark is a masterful teacher of the principles of manifestation.
Great Mother TEAM Earth June Call
June 12 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT
Our monthly call TEAM "Mother Earth Speaks" has been immensely informative and helpful in guidance for living in these modern times.

Join our Wednesday evening online gathering and catch up on all of the 2019 calls you may have missed!
Upcoming Events
SR Suffolk England
July 5 @ 4:00 pm - July 8 @ 5:00 pm BST

This retreat will assist you in discovering how YOU can live day to day as a free spirit expressing your soul and embracing the wonder of being alive!
Warm Water SR Angels' Rest
August 22 @ 3-5 pm -
August 25 @ app. 4:00 EDT

Gather with us to experience and transcend our human challenges together. We accept our humanity, individually and collectively, and through the entry point of our souls find our True place here on Earth and Our Place in the Tribe!
Angels Rest S.R.
May HeartThread Training and Certifications in VA
Soul Support Systems Gratitude
A Special Thanks for Flo Aeveia Magdalena
We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for our humble founder and creator of Soul Support Systems. She continues to be passionate and tireless in her endeavors to spread and expand the programs and assistance of the organization to help every person to embody the inherent light of their soul.
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