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"Not all books deliver what their titles promise. This one certainly does-and much more. The messages are there, and very impressive many of them are, as is the author's balance between spiritual seeking and a strictly scientific approach.... Fascinating reading." 
-Guy Playfair Lyon, Society for Psychical Research council member, journalist, broadcaster, and author of If This Be Magic and Twin Telepathy
"Mark Ireland is a soulful, intelligent man who brings higher thinking to mediumship,and he shares with us some of his own thought-provoking stories. As a father who has suffered the loss of his own son, he truly understands the importance of reconnection between the living and those who 'live again."'
-Allison Dubois, inspiration for the series
Medium and author of Talk to Me: What the Dead Whisper in Your Ear
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Messages from the Afterlife provides a deep dive into psychic-medium phenomena and related anomalies, suggestive of the likelihood that human consciousness survives bodily death. The book is written in a first-person narrative form and is designed to appeal to a wide audience, educating readers on these topics and furnishing pertinent examples. Provocative elements include an examination of psychic-medium phenomena through the lens of multiple religious traditions-including some factions that seek to demonize spirit communication-as well as a candid expos� of debunker-style skepticism.


This book features the detailed account of an experiment involving a secret message left behind by the author's deceased sister. The contents of this message were unknown to any living person and remained sealed in an envelope-untouched-until responses had been received from a group of qualified mediums who sought to "crack" the code.  

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