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June 10, 2020
Report Cards & Book Bills expected to be mailed next week

13 Used Uniform Sale - 4-6pm Gym - tentative date (different from what was listed last week)
15 Book Bill Payment or Full Day KG (full or half) Due
31 - Aug 2 Shoe Carnival 30% off sale (in-store sales only at Village Park Plaza Carmel)

Summer Learning Resources:
Last March, the school hosted a Parent Night through Zoom and addressed many concerns that parents had related to distance learning during the pandemic.  Some parents expressed their desire for summer resources to help remediate their children’s learning and prepare them for the next year.  Here are some resources provided by our teachers.  None of these resources are mandated for students to complete except for the summer reading assignments given to the 7th and 8th grade students.

“By the End of the Year” Teacher Standards : This list represents OLMC teachers’ most significant standards that students should be able to accomplish in grammar, reading, and math by the end of each year.  These are skills that students can practice at home with their parents over the summer.

Junior High Resources :
Summer Tutors:
Kristin Cronkhite:
K - 5th grade
Mrs. Cronkhite teaches 4th grade at OLMC

Jenny Downey:
2nd - 4th grades math and language arts - Zoom is an option
Mrs. Downey teaches 3rd grade at OLMC.

Pam Malone:
Grades 4-9 English Language Arts (Reading,Writing, Grammar) and Math
Miss Malone has taught 5th grade ELA and now teaches computer to all grades K-8 at OLMC.
Email malonep@olmc1.org or 
schedule a time using her calendar link here: https://calendly.com/malonep

Lori Eyth:
Math grades 5-9
Ms. Eyth teaches Jr. High Math (grades 7 & 8) at OLMC. She is available for Summer tutoring sessions for Math grades 5-9 (high school algebra & geometry) . Please email her to set up tutoring sessions, get availability and for pricing.
Cleaning Supplies for Next Year:
The supply lists are posted on the school website at the link below. Supply lists were finalized in February (pre-Covid19) so teachers anticipate an increased need for Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer (at least 60% isopropyl alcohol) and paper towels.
Knowing that these items are still in short supply and only able to purchase limited quantities at a time, we are asking families to keep an eye our for these products and purchase as you can throughout the summer. We also anticipate the need for these supplies to be replenished throughout the school year.

Pre-Order School Supply Kits for 2020-2021
Last day to pre-order is this Monday, June 15!
Why shop in-line when you can shop online?
This year, 1st Day School Supplies is going to help parents and teachers get the exact supplies needed for next school year without the RISK of shopping in person in stores. Supplies will be delivered to school for pick-up in early August.

Shopping online with 1st Day School Supplies is convenient, easy and hassle free! Plus, they have guaranteed competitive prices on the highest quality brands including the germ fighting brands like Purell and Clorox. So, with all the uncertainty this summer will bring, why not check school supply shopping off your list. Get started by clicking the link below:

Please return your books!
We certainly had a memorable end of the school year this year. 2020 continues to provide us with new challenges. We are still missing many items that belong to the school. If you still have books, materials or devices you borrowed from the school, please return them ASAP! There is a bin located outside of the school entrance for you to return these items. Weather permitting, the bin is outside from 8am-3pm daily M-F.

We are specifically missing:
Library Books - 144 items
Jr. High Math textbooks - 64 items
A letter from your PTO:
The goal of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to focus on encouraging and supporting our parents, teachers, and students. Strong volunteer efforts and dedication by our teachers help us offer a wide variety of academic and extracurricular activities throughout the school year. Working together, we can make a difference at our school.

Raider Reporter:
Place article copy here. Be sure to make the articles short and concise as people tend not to read much more than a couple of paragraphs. Place article copy here.

Report Cards:
Report cards for every child will be mailed next week. In the envelope will be several important pieces of information:
  • Report Card
  • Book Bill Letter (with youngest child)
  • Children enrolled in Full Day Kindergarten do not get a Book Bill. 
  • The tuition statement with payment options for KFD were mailed May 11, 2020. See below for more information.
Book Bill or KFD Tuition Payment:
Families of Full-Day Kindergarten (KFD):
  • You will not receive a book bill for children enrolled in KFD.
  • You received an email on May 11 from Sr. Maria Benedicta with important information in the links below.

Families with children in KAM, KPM and grades 1-8:
  • Book Bills will be mailed next week.
  • Book Bills are printed one per family so this will be included in the envelope with your youngest child's report card.
  • Payment for the first half (or full amount, if you choose) of the book bill is due by July 15, 2020.  
  • If payment has not been received by the due date, and no communication of hardship has been expressed to the business manager, then you will forfeit your child(ren's) spot(s) in the school for this school year.
  • If not paid in full, the second half payment will be due by November 30, 2020. 
Please make checks payable to OLMC. They can be delivered to the church office or mailed to:
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Attn: Book Fee or KFD tuition
14598 Oak Ridge Rd 
Carmel, IN 46032 
If you have a financial hardship that prevents you from paying these fees on time, please contact our business manager, Glen Ritchey, at  ritcheyg@olmc1.org  before the payment due date. Thank you.
Notes from the Nurse:
S ummer is an excellent time to complete annual doctor visits to discuss your child's health and immunization needs.    Click the link below to view the State of IN requirements for the 2020-2021 school year. 
If your student has any of the following medical needs: Life-threatening allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, Seizure or any other special medical needs, please have your child's physician complete the appropriate action plans for the 2020-2021 school year. These can be accessed via the school website:  https://school.olmc1.org/school-health 
Indiana law allows students to carry emergency medication with them at school. If your child will be carrying their emergency medication on them during the school day, please make sure the "self carry" section of the action plan is completed by the physician.

Yearbook Photos Needed:
Amy Quinn & the yearbook team will be working on this year's yearbook over the summer months (please do not expect the book to be ready until late Fall) and we are very very short on photographs this year. Our final school semester usually brings with it a ton of photos for the book, but need I say this was "kinda" disrupted this year!
So, we really need your help, as we still want to make the book super special this year for everyone. It will look a bit different, but will still show the amazing memories we had and how we all got through this difficult time. 
I have included below the links to each grades "homeroom" page. This is the app/website we use to gather photos during the year. You would have all received these links at the start of the year, so most of you are familiar with this app and have already joined, but for those of you who have not this is the perfect opportunity to do so and share your photos with us!!!! 
So please upload ANY photos you have not already of your kiddos prior to quarantine and now during quarantine. We are also in need of pictures from last day carpool , Jr. High Award Ceremony & 8th grade graduation. 
E-learning pictures will for sure be a big part of our book this year, so please include as many as you can! 
Let's make the 2019/2020 book a super special one for our kiddos!!!
Kindergarten:  Kindergarten 2019/2020
1st Grade: 1 st Grade 2019/2020
2nd Grade:  2nd Grade 2019/2020
3rd Grade:  3rd Grade 2019/2020
4th Grade:  4th Grade 2019/2020
5th Grade:  5th Grade 2019/2020
6th Grade:  6th Grade 2019/2020
Junior High:  Junior High 2019/2020
2019-2020 Yearbook orders:
We are still taking orders for the 2019-2020 yearbooks! Don't miss this opportunity. Online orders only:

Cost is $17.50 per book

Click on "Order Here"
Enter the code: 46089W
This will bring you to our school page where you will enter your child's name and how many books you want.  

Please direct questions to Amy Quinn at amyquinn27@gmail.com.
PTO News:
Your OLMC Parent Teacher Organization is already planning for next school year 2020/2021. 
Almost all the events are supported by parent volunteers from classroom events, socials, faith rally to community outreach programs. Anytime there is an event outside the classroom the PTO probably has a part in planning. 

To support these special events for your children we need your help! Please find attached a Google Form link below to get involved. Many events can be planned at home or simply sending in donations.  it is a great way to network with other parents and make new friends! I know I have formed many special relationships with parents and staff at OLMC.  Please note that your name will be forwarded to the chair of every committee you volunteer for so please only check the ones that you want to serve on.

Many Hands Make Light Work - THANK YOU so much for helping our students have an amazing school year! You are greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jane Ann Gaskill, jamg2395@gmail.com
Supporting SCRIP in Summer:
  • Yes! You can purchase ScripNow to support school enhancements at OLMC 24/7 all through the summer! Use these e-cards for graduation/wedding/baby shower/birthday gifts, as well as fun family meals.

  • If you don't already have an online account set up with Scrip, please contact Stephanie Lesher for the enrollment code: stephrufe@yahoo.com.

  • Lands End gives us a 15% rebate, which is one of the largest offered by Scrip. Please consider using Lands End ScripNow when ordering your school uniforms this summer!

  • Old Navy/Gap gives us a 14% rebate, so it's a great way to support OLMC when ordering new play clothes for the summer (these kids just keep growing!).

  • Our new fiscal year begins on July 1, so keep that in mind if you have an upcoming 7th or 8th grader and want to begin purchasing Scrip to help fund their 8th grade Washington D.C. trip.

stephrufe@yahoo.com or text (317-446-1977)

CYO Sports Palooza!
Are you and your family bored? Do you need an excuse to get some exercise?  Then we’ve got good news!!

The CYO Office put together a fun set of challenges to get your family active and to keep you involved!  

Join us for the 2020 CYO Sports Palooza! Here’s what you need to know: 
  • All challenges need to be completed by July 5th
  • Registration is $30 per family
  • Four challenges including mini basketball and kickball games and a virtual fun run
  • Minimal equipment needed 
  • Challenge instructions, participation bibs, award certificates and prizes will be provided

Can’t participate in the 2020 CYO Sports Palooza but still want to support CYO? Click  HERE  to donate!!

Applications for 2020-21 are still being accepted at  GuerinCatholic.org.  

Virtual Admissions Center
Our campus may be closed, but the Virtual Admissions Center is always open! 
Visit  GuerinCatholic.org  to chat with our Admissions staff or schedule a zoom call. Admissions staff are available to answer your questions anytime during the extended school closing.