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March 25, 2020
Dear OLMC Parents,

Happy Solemnity of the Annunciation! Thank you to all of you who have signed up for online giving in the past week. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to set up a way to give online, especially when we are not able to drop our tithes into the offertory basket at Mass. Thank you also for your prayerful support of our Church and its various ministries; we can never underestimate the power of prayer!

I would also like to thank you for all of the various ways you have partnered with OLMC School during these last 5 days of E-Learning. Thankfully, today was the last day of distance learning before spring break. I hope your long break affords you some rest from work and allows you to spend extra quality time with your family in a creative way which limits screen time. 

Last week, I sent you an email to announce the changes Governor Holcomb implemented regarding the continuance of distance learning in the state of Indiana. Essentially, the earliest we could possibly return to school is on Monday, May 4. In the meantime, I would like to communicate to you the OLMC E-Learning Day lessons for the month of April. We will be officially functioning as a regular school day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of the week through May 1. Mondays and Fridays will not be official school days for students, but professional days for teachers to use to do their grading, planning, etc. 

E-Learning Day Schedule :
Tuesday, April 7
Wednesday, April 8
Thursday, April 9

Tuesday, April 14
Wednesday, April 15
Thursday, April 16

Tuesday, April 21
Wednesday, April 22
Thursday, April 23

Tuesday, April 28
Wednesday, April 29
Thursday, April 30

I pray that on this solemnity of the Annunciation, we may receive a multitude of blessings from Our Lady. We thank her for saying yes to God’s will for her life. Mary’s yes, her “fiat,” brought forth the Savior of the world. May we, too, always be ready and willing to do His will, trusting that the plans that God has for lives flow from His infinite goodness and love.

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Sister Maria Benedicta, O.P.
25 3rd Quarter report cards mailed
27 Blood Drive 8am-1pm PH
29 Blood Drive 9am-3:30pm PH

8 8am School Mass Livestream on OLMC Church Facebook page
9 Holy Thursday
10 Good Friday
12 Easter
15 8am School Mass Livestream on OLMC Church Facebook page
22 8am School Mass Livestream on OLMC Church Facebook page
29 8am School Mass Livestream on OLMC Church Facebook page

Livestream 8am School Masses:
Wednesdays in April
The 8am Wednesday Mass Livestream events will be focused on the children & students. Please join the Dominican Sisters & the Parish Priests via the OLMC Church Facebook page:

Report Cards & Honor Roll:
3rd Quarter Report cards are being mailed tomorrow. Honor Roll certificates were not printed this quarter in an effort to keep the mailing costs down. The honor roll list will be posted here when we return from Spring Break.
OLMC Volunteer Spotlight:
Our spotlight this week is on Shelly Preston.   Click here to learn about Shelly.

We are blessed to have so many caring volunteers who dedicate their time each day to help our school and community be the amazing faith-filled place it is! We would like to spend some time highlighting our volunteers as a small way to say THANK YOU to all that they do! We are asking for your help to nominate the volunteers who give their time and talents to our school and community. Here is the link to the nomination form:   https://forms.gle/T31h7EDwU7nfKXQ7A
Don't let the Corona Virus keep you from buying SCRIP.
Use www.shopwithscrip.com to buy SCRIP online. If you are new to Scrip and would like the OLMC enrollment code, please contact Stephanie Lesher at  stephrufe@yahoo.com .

Hardware stores are still open on the "essential businesses" list so make sure to use SCRIP when purchasing items for your home improvement projects to keep you busy during quarantine! Lowe's & Home Depot offer delivery service.

Here are a few promotions going on now (all available as ScripNow):
  • DSW 10% (regularly 8%)
  • Maggiano's Little Italy 16% (regularly 11%)
  • On the Border 16% (regularly 11%)
  • Chili's 16% (regularly 11%)

Don't forget that you can buy scrip for Grubhub & Uber Eats! It is especially important right now to support our local restaurants. Many are offering curbside pickup and delivery options.

Stephanie Lesher is available to answer your Scrip questions via email or text (317-446-1977).

Please note: We are not processing orders for any new physical gift cards until school is back in session.

Your SCRIP purchases do help - below is a picture of our new laminator! The old laminator was over 15 years old and was jamming several times per week, or even several times a day. The PTO was able to use funds raised by your SCRIP purchases to provide this brand new model. The teachers & staff are very grateful and will enjoy using this new laminator for many years!
Blood Drive - Critical Need:
Friday, March 27: 8:00AM - 1:00PM
Sunday, March 29: 9:00AM - 3:30PM
In the Parish Hall

Thank you to ALL who gave blood and came to volunteer last Sunday. The need is SO great, with the blood banks having few reserves to serve the hospitals. We had more people that wanted to give blood and volunteer last Sunday than we were able to schedule, so we are holding 2 more Blood Drives.

Remember that teens & college students can donate too!

We have to take less people per appointed time and cannot take walk-ins to increase our level of "social distancing" to even above the suggested regulation. Blood donations are considered "essential" under Governors Holcomb's guidelines.

Outdoor Spring Camp Postponed:
Mrs. Downey & Mrs. Cronkhite's Outdoor Spring Camp originally scheduled for March 25 is postponed. They will communicate the re-scheduled date when we return to school.