Aug 12, 2021
Messages in water
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
The human body is 60% water
Hello spiritual friends!

Do you remember Dr. Marasu Emoto who wrote the book, "The Hidden Messages in Water"? He wrote an easy to read and very inspiring summary about his work on how our thoughts, words and feelings affect molecules of water. Since our bodies are 60% water, this research provides yet another example of our mind-body connection and how we can energetically influence our own life experience. As an intuitive and healer, this kind of work is absolutely fascinating to me!

When Dr. Emoto wrote the book in 2005 he had been studying photographs of frozen water for over 10 years. He discovered that these frozen particles of water have amazing wisdom to offer us through their shape, design and color!

Emoto worked with various containers of water for his study. He started with containers of distilled water and subjected them to various types of music, words that were either kind or harsh, and thoughts that either were loving or hateful. He wanted to understand how the water reacted to various thoughts and emotions.

For the testing, he spoke to the water in a particular way, used his thoughts or even written words taped around the jar. Water that was subjected to words or thoughts like "I love you" was compared with water subjected to "I hate you". He tried working with expressions or feelings of gratitude, thoughts of love and peace verses thoughts of anger or criticism. In this way, he generated a certain kind of energy toward the water, almost as if it were a living organism.

After the water was subjected to a particular energetic influence, he took droplets from the containers and froze them until they crystalized. He compared the frozen crystals from the various jars of water and the results were truly amazing! In the book he provides the reader with photographs of the crystals for each study. You can also find plenty of information about his work online.

The water crystals look incredibly different based on the kind of thoughts, words or feelings they were subjected to. Frozen water droplets that were exposed to loving words and thoughts show brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake patterns. Frozen water that was exposed to harsh / hateful words or emotions resulted in fragmented or malformed ice crystals.

Look at the radically different kinds of snowflakes below that were generated from words and thoughts below. The energy of love and gratitude resulted in exquisitely formed snowflakes, while the water from the hate vibration lacks pattern and almost looks malformed.
He also worked with water from different sources that were available to him. Polluted water from a stream in Tokyo was frozen and the picture is shown below on the left. The image on the left seems dull and lacks symmetry or design. Then Emoto blessed drops from that very same water source and froze it, which resulted in the beautifully formed snowflake shown on the right. Isn't this just amazing!
Emoto's work demonstrates how we truly do impact our physical world with the energy of our thoughts and words. The cells in our human body having 60% water, are no doubt changing and evolving moment by moment with every experience and every thought. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we recoil like the malformed ice crystals. It might be all we can muster in that moment.

But other times, and hopefully most moments in our lives, we have the opportunity to choose the energy we transmit to the water in our bodies. Why not choose to impart love, gratitude and blessings to the cells within your own precious and beautiful body?

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