Messiah Weekly
June 1, 2020
Messiah Lutheran Church
Auburn, WA 
"And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8b
Messiah Food Bank
We have been extremely fortunate to have such wonderful support from our generous congregation.
This makes it possible for old friends and a lot of new people to come to our door every Wednesday morning to receive assistance. So many families have been living paycheck to paycheck, with no, possibility of savings, now they need to rely on others.

We miss giving them hugs and hearing some good stories, but we are able to give them a full bag of food. We meet them at the door with a smile behind a mask, and sometimes we are able to point to a cart sitting along the side of the building with some fresh fruit or potatoes and tell them to help themselves. We are not able to display any clothing or extra items currently.

We are a small but mighty crew. Helga Markussen, Marien Johnson, Ron & Linda Eskesen, Phyllis Steinle
Weekly Storytime with Savannah and Traci!!
Continuing this week, Traci and Savannah are going to be hosting a Weekly Storytime over Zoom every Monday at 3:30pm and Wednesday at 6:30pm. This week the storytime on Wednesday will switch to Thursday. As with previous Storytimes, Traci and I will pick out a story to share and all are welcome to join and listen in. We hope to see you there!
In addition, if any of your kiddos are interested in having separate Zoom check-in's with me or Traci, let us know! We miss all of you and would love to catch up with how your families are doing!
Affirmation of Baptism Dessert Night

Join us to celebrate our 9th grade Affirmation of Baptism Students at the AOB Dessert Night!
Wednesday, June 3, 6:30 pm via Zoom. (If you’d like the Zoom code, let Traci know) The students will each share the AOB stoles they created and their AOB Bible verses as well as their favorite memory of their Affirmation of Baptism journey. Affirmation of Baptism Sunday is on Sunday, July 12. The service will be live streamed for the congregation.
Worship Bulletins

The worship bulletins that are sent out electronically on Saturday are printable from your home computers. When you receive the email, open it and press "ctrl p" on your keyboard and it will print.
On Thursday afternoons, we will place pre-printed bulletins in the Messiah Lending Library (the box pictured in this article). It is located on H street outside the kitchen. Please feel free to stop by and pick one up if you do not have a computer or printer at home.
Please contact Tia Monsen if you have any questions.
Amazon Smile

AmazonSmile is a way for our Messiah community to support the church ministry every time they shop with Amazon. When you shop at, you will find all the same Amazon products, prices, and services, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the price of eligible purchases to Messiah. Signing up is easy!

Here’s how to shop AmazonSmile:
2. Sign in with your credentials
3. Start shopping!
4. Add a bookmark for  to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at



At Messiah we have made it one of our key priorities and values to engage in the community around us. Even in the midst of a pandemic, there are many ways for us to continue to live into that call. Each week I will provide a list of a couple ways we can continue to serve and support our community partners. If you have any questions or suggestions please let Savannah know! 

Vine Maple Place continues to connect closely with more than 190 families each week. More than half of those are still unable to work and the stress is taking its toll. Here are a few ways you can help provide support to these families:
  • Urgent items needed - Order online ( or purchase at your local store and deliver items to The Family Hope Center at 21730 Dorre Don Way SE, Maple Valley (Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm).
Most needed items:
  • Twin comforters, neutral colors (new only)
  • Standard bed pillows (new only)
  • Disinfectant spray or wipes
  •  Laundry detergent (liquid)
  • Dish soap (liquid)
  • Conditioner
  • Provide transportation assistance: $10 or $20 Gas Cards - Safeway, Fred Meyer or Chevron – ( ) and mail to Vine Maple Place or use the link to order online (mailing address: PO Box 1092, Maple Valley WA 98038)
  • Feed families: Deliver items to The Family Hope Center at 21730 Dorre Don Way SE, Maple Valley (Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm).
  • Provide rent assistance and care:

Volunteer Safely . United Way of King County has been compiling a list of ways you can volunteer your time while following the stay home guidelines. The list includes things such as donating art supplies, sewing masks, translating resource information, delivering food and more. Check out the list HERE.

Faith Action Network’s advocating faith communities across Washington State come together during their Annual Spring Summits to strategize on statewide advocacy and talk about local issues affecting our communities, as well as COVID-19. This year, the Summits will be hosted online via zoom. All are invited to join. Our region's summit will be held June 7th from 3:00-4:30pm. RSVP HERE
Feminist Book Club

At our last meeting, Christi read us an article about Elizabeth Gilbert and how she came to write the book, I thought it was really interesting so I thought I'd share it here too: Thanks, Christi!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 16th from 6:30-7:30 pm. We will be reading and discussing the book Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians by Austen Hartke. I will send out a zoom invitation for the meeting the week before.

Looking ahead, if you'd like to plan ahead and start tracking down books, our July book will be the Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kid.

Finally here is the link to help you find books from local stores:

As we continue to worship and meet online, our regular support of Messiah Lutheran ministries is a vital part of our community life. Messiah offers five options for our members, friends, and neighbors to give to our ongoing ministry. We encourage everyone connected with and inspired by our community of faith, whether in person or through our online resources, to give as the Spirit leads. We thank you for being a partner in ministry.
Our church facility is located at 410 H Street NE in Auburn, WA, and the zip code is 98002. Utilizing this address, you may (option 1) place your offering to Messiah in the mail slot on the north side of our church building. You may also (option 2) mail your offering to the same address utilizing the United States Postal Service. Our mail is checked daily. This is a great giving path for folks who enjoy the tradition and feeling of writing a check.
Messiah also (option 3) works with VANCO to allow you to give through our website online. This online option is easy to use and secure. You can track your giving here and access this option anytime and anywhere you are online. Click here and scroll down to the Secure Giving Link.
Thrivent Financial is making it easy for Messiah members, friends, and neighbors to establish a regular habit and pattern of giving. Thrivent’s Simply Giving program (option 4) creates a consistent giving record, and you can set it up for any frequency and amount you desire. Click here and scroll down to Simply Giving to download the form. Once completed, you can mail the form to our church office at the address above or simply drop it off.
Finally, Messiah is offering a mobile option for giving (option 5) . Just go to the App Store on your smartphone and download the GivePlus+ Mobile App. Once downloaded, the set up instructions are easy. Just make sure you find Messiah Lutheran Church in Auburn, WA and set us up as the congregation to which you would like to give. Here is the link for the video explaining how to use the app:

Thank you for creating a holy and consistent habit of giving for the ministry and mission of Messiah Lutheran Church.
Messiah Staff Holds in Prayer

Requests for prayers : Marena Boman, Jan Campbell, Pierre Clement, Betty Cowan, Janice Davis, George Dolney, Mary Eastman, Erin Furnas, Laura Galli Kast and Tyler Galli, Charlotte Graham, Cecil Greiner, Bonita Hancock, Adam Hartong, Holly Hammon, Louise Johnson, Ray Keinholz, Blaine Leonard, Connie McGlothern, Evelyn Miller, Grant Miller, Jane Nelson, Myrtle Peterson, Cindee Reamy, Dale Schossow, Doreen Shaver, Maxine Stehr, Mardy Stevens, Ed Swanlund, Carol Taylor, Les Warboughton, Kathy Wittnebel;

Ongoing prayer concerns: Cindy Bottomley, Gavin Charbonneau, Joan Daugherty, Traci Donohue, Matt Gartner, Bea Girdler, Irene Gordon, Dottie Grebe, Gerry Gronewold, Martha Guerrero, Kay Gunderson, Bonnie Hagen, Whitney Hanson, Marc Harris, Betsy Henderson, Kris Knutson, Jimmie Kramlich, Don Minnick, Dick Ode, Everett Rom, Sarah Trott, Elizabeth MaiLin Tran, Katie Walda, Erik and Nick Welch, Lori Wollum.

In the Military:  Jeff Fitzmorris, Lucas Fitzmorris, Ray Hardaway, Sam Harris, Kenny Hendrickson, Daryl Johnson, Madeline Almodivar Sanabria, and J.R. Sawyer.

Every Tuesday, our staff prays for the persons listed above. If you would like to be included in our staff prayers, please contact the church office at 253.833.5280. Individuals will be in our prayers for four consecutive weeks. To be included after the four weeks, please call us again, let us know how you are doing, and we will continue to hold you in our ongoing prayers.
Messiah Lutheran Church

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Staff Directory

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Deacon Traci Vatne, Director of Faith Formation
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Savannah Phelan, Associate Director of Faith Formation & Partnerships
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Tia Monsen, Worship Manager & Communications Coordinator
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Lynne Inman, Administrative Assistant
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Pam Downing, Finance Coordinator
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Katie Walda, Organist, Keyboardist & Handbells Director
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Jan Nelson, Chorale Director and Website/Social Media Manager
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Messiah This Week

Monday 6/1
3:30pm Storytime with Savannah and Traci-Zoom

Tuesday 6/2
8:00am Devotion-Website/Facebook
10:00am Staff Meeting-Zoom

Wednesday 6/3
8:00am Devotion-Website/Facebook
9:00am Food Bank-Grab and Go
6:30pm AOB Dessert Night-Zoom

Thursday 6/4
8:00am Devotion-Website/Facebook
1:00pm Bible Study-Zoom
5:00pm Spirit Fest Meal-Grab and Go

Friday 6/5
8:00am Devotion-Website/Facebook

Saturday 6/6

Sunday 6/7
9:30am Worship-Streaming on Facebook, Website and YouTube
4:00pm Community Meal-Grab and Go
Messiah Lutheran Vision

We are an inclusive community following Jesus, worshiping God, 
striving side by side, and mending the broken places in all creation.

Messiah Lutheran Mission Statement

• Engage our world from a deep, Jesus centered community life

• Embrace, welcome, and accompany people along life’s journey

• Enhance our understanding and practice of a life called by God

• Explore and connect in an ongoing process of growth in faith and spirituality