Messiah Midweek Update
August 5, 2020
Messiah Lutheran Church
Auburn, WA 
"And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8b
Let’s Celebrate Traci!

Sunday, August 9, 2020 will be the beginning of our celebration for 30 years of Traci Vatne’s ministry. Our worship service at Messiah Lutheran Church in Auburn, WA will include many opportunities to recognize Traci. You will not want to miss tuning in online for this very special service.
If you would like to make a donation to a fund to purchase a gift to celebrate Traci’s ministry (and all the support that Bruce has provided over the years), please send a check to the church by Wednesday, August 5th. These funds will be provided to Traci so that she and Bruce can take a special trip somewhere for rest and relaxation!
Finally, we had hoped to have a large party to celebrate Traci’s ministry. However, right now, COVID-19 has put a wrench in our plans. We want to do the party at a time when EVERYONE can come and celebrate Traci’s ministry. So, we are postponing the party until it is safe to have everyone together for this special event. Traci and Bruce are remaining in our community and so delaying the party makes the most sense. Stay tuned for more details.
Holy Communion

Beginning this coming Sunday, August 9, and on the Sundays which follow, Messiah will be making Holy Communion a part of each Sunday worship service. Wherever you take part in these coming services, whether it is at home in Auburn, WA or at home anywhere around this amazing, beautiful planet, we will gather at one table, the Lord’s Table.

Prepare the place in which you dwell for Holy Communion. Set a table with a small cloth, place a candle upon it, and add perhaps a Bible or a small cross (both together are also good). Make the space sacred for you. Prepare some bread and wine (or grape juice if you choose) and appoint one person to be the host of your table. If it is just you, be both the host and the welcome guest, and know you are not alone. You are part of a much larger welcome place.

Be at peace with yourself. Be at peace with your neighbor. Know that we, through the bread and wine, all feast together on the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus. In the holy meal to come, all our individual tables, separated by city blocks or country miles, are really one, blessed, and holy communion.
Vacation Bible School

Online VBS is in full swing and the kids and families are having a great time. Savannah was asked by ELCA World Hunger if they could share the program on their social media pages. Congratulations to Savannah on all of her hard work and creativity!
Worship Bulletins

The worship bulletins that are sent out electronically on Saturday are printable from your home computers. When you receive the email, open it and press "ctrl p" on your keyboard and it will print.
On Thursday afternoons, we will place pre-printed bulletins in the Messiah Lending Library (the box pictured in this article). It is located on H street outside the kitchen. Please feel free to stop by and pick one up if you do not have a computer or printer at home.

Please contact Tia Monsen if you have any questions.
Messiah Lutheran Church

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Staff Directory

Pastor Chuck Harris, Senior Pastor
(206) 245-8626
Deacon Traci Vatne, Director of Faith Formation
(253) 797-5837
Savannah Phelan, Associate Director of Faith Formation & Partnerships
(406) 600-5165
Tia Monsen, Worship Manager & Communications Coordinator
(253) 334-6618
Lynne Inman, Administrative Assistant
(253) 740-9642
Pam Downing, Finance Coordinator
(206) 799-3130
Katie Walda, Organist, Keyboardist & Handbells Director
(925) 413-9052
Jan Nelson, Chorale Director and Website/Social Media Manager
(541) 556-7232
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Messiah This Week

Wednesday 8/5
Vacation Bible School-Online
6:30pm Youth Event

Thursday 8/6
Vacation Bible School-Online
1:00pm Bible Study-Zoom
5:00pm Spirit Fest Meal-Grab and Go
6:00pm Musician Rehearsal

Friday 8/7

Saturday 8/8

Sunday 8/9
9:30am Worship-Streaming on Facebook, Website and YouTube
12:00pm New Covenant Presbyterian Church
2:00pm Community Meal-Grab and Go
Messiah Lutheran Vision

We are an inclusive community following Jesus, worshiping God, 
striving side by side, and mending the broken places in all creation.

Messiah Lutheran Mission Statement

• Engage our world from a deep, Jesus centered community life

• Embrace, welcome, and accompany people along life’s journey

• Enhance our understanding and practice of a life called by God

• Explore and connect in an ongoing process of growth in faith and spirituality