Sunday, March 08, 4:00 pm
Messy Church @ Hillside Community Church
"God Welcomes Us Home"
March's Theme: "God Welcomes Us Home"

In the "lost and found" story of The Prodigal Son , Jesus teaches the disciples that no matter what - God welcomes us home with extravagant, excessive, illogical love! And sometimes, God even throws a party so we know that we are always forgiven! Parents and kids will have a chance to act out the story, play with the pigs, and show the same kind of welcome to our neighbors at Hillside!

We will sing of God's welcome, dance and share some chocolate coins!!
Pick Up Choir Meets at 3:15 pm; 
Watch here for more details about special music.

Next Sunday: March 8 (4 to 6 pm)
4 pm Worship
5 pm Potluck Supper
3:15 for pick-up choir
Check in the coming week and on the event on Facebook for an update on the music!

Messy Church for God’s Messy People!
Sanctuary UCC and Hillside Community Church
Messy Church has been a wonderful experience this past year with and for our young families. And they are asking for more connection to the rest of our community – a chance for the kids to be with the whole church, to connect with “Grands” and “not-so-Grands” across generations and across our two congregations.

And so – we are ASKING YOU to make a commitment
to “Be The Church” together!
Once per Month--Second Sunday (4-6)
Worship & Potluck Supper @ Hillside Community Church.