Messy Theme: "Thank You, God"
Second Sunday: November 10 (4 to 6 pm)
4 pm Worship; 5 pm Potluck Supper
3:15 for pick-up choir - we'll sing "We Give You Thanks"

Messy Church for God’s Messy People!
Sanctuary UCC and Hillside Community Church
Messy Church has been a wonderful experience this past year with and for our young families. And they are asking for more connection to the rest of our community – a chance for the kids to be with the whole church, to connect with “Grands” and “not-so-Grands” across generations and across our two congregations.

And so – we are ASKING YOU
to make a commitment
to “Be The Church” together!
Once per Month--Second Sunday (4-6)
Worship & Potluck Supper
@ Hillside Community Church.
Second Sundays (4-6)
Hillside Community Church
144 North Street, Medford, MA
November 10 ~ December 08
and following...