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The new decade has arrived, and ROMAC is here to make sure that the power is flowing by continuing to provide electrical professionals with the equipment they need to expand, improve, and maintain the power grid that moves our world. This month we're featuring our PCI product group's capability to manufacture and deliver ultra-high-quality Metal Clad Switchgear. We reflect on some electrical innovations from the twenties of a century ago, and we detail the versatility of our HRC EZCan Electrical Enclosures. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first to utilize our soon to open Online Store--and receive a coupon.

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Metal-Clad Switchgear
Top of the Line
ROMAC's PCI product group builds some of the best switchgear in the world. We build custom sections and lineups to meet your needs. Our adaptable factory floor and manufacturing team make sure that your gear is delivered when you need it. That includes our top of the line Metal Clad Switchgear.
PCI Custom Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Section
What's the difference between Metal-Clad and Metal-Enclosed Switchgear?
Metal-enclosed switchgear is gear that is completely enclosed on all sides and on top with sheet metal. It has ventilating openings and often includes inspection windows. Isolation of busses, cable connections, and other components is not required. Access to the interior is provided by doors or removable covers, or both.

Metal-clad is considered the cream of the crop when it comes to switchgear. It is essentially metal-enclosed gear with a number of more advanced features added. Metal clad gear always has a main switching and interrupting device that is drawout. The circuit breakers in metal-clad gear are always electrically operated, and sections have extensive barriers and shutters between elements to keep things safe and contained.
PCI Custom Medium Voltage Metal-Clad Section With Two Drawout Breakers
ROMAC PCI has decades of experience manufacturing metal-clad and metal-enclosed switchgear. Our engineering and manufacturing teams can bring your switchgear visions and requirements to life. What can we build for you?
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It's the Twenties Again!
The twenties of the twentieth century saw quite a few innovations in the electrical and electronic world. A hundred years later, these advancements are commonplace. In another hundred years, what will the people of the future look back at and consider mundane everyday technology? Robots? Flying cars? Electric space ships? No matter what posterity looks back at, they're sure to still be using electricity to make their technological dreams come true.

Here's a look at some electrical products and innovations that the people of the last '20s decade thought were new and exciting.
The Handheld Hairdryer
 The first hairdryers were gas-powered and not portable. By 1920, advancements in electric motor technology allowed for the design and marketing of handheld units. The 1920 era hairdryers weighed about 2 pounds and were only 100 Watts--modern handheld dryers are around 2000 Watts--so they were somewhat cumbersome and slow.
An Early Handheld Hairdryer
The Garbage Disposal
The garbage disposal unit was invented in 1927 by Architect John W. Hammes. His company, InSinkErator, didn't' bring the product to market until 1940. This claim is disputed because General Electric marketed a similar product ahead of Hammes' company in 1935. Inventors aside, this innovation didn't have overwhelming support from municipalities. Many cities had ordinances prohibiting food waste from being disposed of via the sewer. New York City didn't overturn their ban on garbage disposals until 1997. 
The technologies that contributed to the modern TV harken back to the 1800s; however, in the 1920s, several advancements were made and--more important for business--patents were filed. While working at Westinghouse Electric in 1923, Vladimir Zworykin began developing a CRT display. Although a demonstration of his technology in 1925 proved disappointing--the picture was dim, low contrast, and stationary--it led to some of the first commercial televisions of the 1940s. Sure, we barley see old tube televisions today because of the prevalence of better and more efficient LED, LCD, and plasma displays. But the concept of screens capable of displaying almost anything never died--ask YouTube and Netflix. Also, modern displays still require electricity to make them work, no matter how smart they are or how high their resolution is.
Vladimir Zworykin Demonstrating TV in 1929
EZCan Enclosures
Multifunctional Electrical/Electronic Enclosures
Designed to be multifunctional, HRC brand EZCan enclosures provide versatile housing for your electrical and electronic equipment--telemetry, controls, etc. These enclosures are durable and easy to configure to your specific needs. All EZCan enclosures are UL listed and carry a UL 508A label.
If it's circuit breakers you need to mount we have a series of optional EZCan MCCB mounting kits that give you the flexibility to mount many MCCB makes and models in an EZCan enclosure. We stock EZCan mounting kits for:

  • Cutler-Hammer JD, LD, and ND frame MCCBs
  • General Electric SFL, SGL, and SKHA frame MCCBs
  • Siemens FD6, LXD, and ND frame MCCBs
  • Square D KAL, LCL, and MAMH frame MCCBs

Each kit is a complete mounting solution and includes a front panel with cutouts for the particular kit's MCCB, a mounting bracket, and insulating hardware. If you don't see a kit listed here for the breaker make or frame you need mounted, give us a call. We may have a design in the works, or we can talk about the possibility of a custom solution.
EZCan enclosures are perfect as control cabinets. When purchased as stand-alone enclosures (without an optional MCCB mounting kit), EZCan enclosures come standard with a blank cover plate that can be easily customized to your particular designs.

All EZCan enclosures are available NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R rated. All EZCan enclosures are available freestanding or wall-mount. Contact HRC now for more details.
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ROMAC's Online Store is
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ROMAC is getting ready to go LIVE with our E-commerce site. When the site opens, we're going to be offering our entire HRC Product Catalog to start and add more product groups as the year progresses. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first to browse our offerings and to get updates when we add new products. You'll also receive a special Early Adopter Coupon to use with your first purchase. All you have to do is click the link below and, you'll be automatically added to our Online Store Mailing List.
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