♥Metaphysical Network Presents Dr. Tonia Winchester, Talk Title: Spiritual Solutions for Insomnia on November 7th, 7p.m 
In this presentation, you will follow a personal journey with insomnia and the surprising solution that changed it
Tonia Winchester is a local Naturopathic doctor in Nanaimo, BC. After several years in practice, she realized that food and supplements can only take us so far on our health and well-being journey. A long-time seeker, she started exploring new tools to help people on a deeper level. She found and fell in love with reading the akashic records because they provide the perfect starting place for taking actions that will actually manifest the results people are looking for in their lives. Ultimately she helps women who are stressed, anxious and not sleeping to calm their minds, sleep deeply, and find their joy and energy again. 

Dr. Tonia Winchester, ND, BSc
Naturopathic Doctor
BodyTalk Practitioner
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Metaphysical Network Presents:
10:00-3:00 Manual included   Please bring a lunch
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A magical and symbiotic connection has always existed between human beings and gems. Evidence of gemstones used for healing has been found as far back as the fourth millennium before Christ. Ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, Romans, or Shamans and Medicine Men have used gemstones for healing in multiple ways - made into powders or elixirs, worn, carried or placed on the body and in ceremonies or rituals. This ancient knowledge has been passed down to our day and with the emerging popularity of holistic health and healing the use of gemstones is again making its way into modern life.
A crystal grid is a method of creating a sacred space by placing stones of specific metaphysical properties in a geometric pattern to broadcast a specific intention and create a powerful energetic transmitter. Whether you are ready for a new career step, a new form of creativity and self-expression, or a more empowered attitude, you can use crystal to align yourself with your intentions and use grids to amplify the outcome.
  • ·Learn to clear and prepare your crystals
  • ·Connect with the Elemental Beings within the    crystals
  • ·Specific grid layouts for manifesting your desires
  • ·Charging your grid with intentions and prayers
Carols Bio:
After a life-altering event, Carol Lefevre was drawn to healing and has been a devoted student, healer, and mentor for over twenty-seven years. Her dedication and curiosity to truly understanding the depths of spirituality has assisted her in developing various healing techniques through a variety of spirit guides and teachers. Carol’s practice specializes in working with the unconscious mind removing old programs and establishing new neurological pathways for instant, long term results.
Through her training and strong connection to spirit she has come to understand the unique interconnection that we all have to everything. She holds a B. Msc. in Metaphysical Science, Certification as a Metaphysician, is a specialized Applied Kinesiologist, Reiki Master & Teacher in two methods, Feng Shui practitioner and founded the Beishu Method of Healing. She has facilitated workshops in 10 countries and is fairly new to Nainaimo.
Carol is the newly published author of Soul Alchemy Healing.
Her book offers the first glimpse at ‘The Beishu Method’—a never-before-published healing technique that enables the reader to change the entire chakra system and its colors based on an individuals’ personal level of health and spiritual evolution.

Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents:  Arrow Gonsalves | Master Trainer and Master Healer, Talk Title: Principles of Brain Management - 3 Steps to Be Healthy, Wealthy & Wise,
November 21st, 7p.m, by suggested donation of $7.00  
Arrow Gonsalves is a Master Trainer | Master Healer | Motivational Speaker | International Bestselling Author | TEDX Presenter
Arrow specializes in guiding driven individuals who want empowered high performance to double their effectiveness with less effort.
Through her brain and body fitness system; Human Energetics Arrow will guide you step by step to cut through overwhelm, nourish your core and brighten your mind to function at peak performance. 
Short description of presentation
Is your brain your ally or biggest foe in achieving your goals?
Do you want to be:
· strong & vibrant?
· centered & effective?
· focused & creative?
With more free time to enjoy the activities and people you love?
If so, this event will change the way you use your brain forever!  
During this deeply trans-formative, experiential journey you will discover healthier, more centered techniques to:
· Release stress & cut through overwhelm
· Restore your vitality by empowering your core energy. 
· Double your effectiveness with less effort

About Arrow Gonsalves | Master Trainer and Master Healer.
Arrow is the Creator of Human Energetics, Founder of Heart Drum Beat – Brain & Body Training Academy, Owner of The House of Now Wellness Center - conveniently located in downtown Courtenay.
Arrow is an International Best Selling Author, a TEDX Conferences Presenter and Motivational Speaker.  Arrow has been instructing Qi Yoga and the Tao Healing Arts since 2003.
Arrow facilitates Qi Yoga (Yoga, QiGong & Qi-Energy Meditation classes), and high performance empowerment training through her signature program - Empower, Inspire Create, meditation retreats, workshops, leadership training and traditional healer training.
Arrow can guide you to release your stress as you restore vitality, health and balance while awakening your innate being. Her students steadily empower as they regain joy, compassion, focus and purpose through the study of self in harmony with nature.Her lessons systematically incorporate meridian exercise, chakra training, brain education and numerous forms of static and dynamic meditation.
Harmonize your mind, body and spirit through Qi Yoga with Arrow.
Arrow Gonsalves   
Heart Drum Beat - Brain & Body Fitness Academy
Heart Drum Beat - Taoist Yoga and Healing Services
The House of Now Wellness Center
Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents:  Lucy Taylor | Holistic Health Practitioner, Talk Title: The Wisdom of Your Soul at Birth-Numerology Points the Direction!
December 5th, 7p.m, by suggested donation of $7.00

  • Join Lucy on a journey towards your Soul’s Intention, Clarification…and Revival.
  • Insights revealed based on your date of birth.
  • Discover what Life has in store for you through the power of Numbers!
Lucia is about Life Transformation. 
Welcome to the School of Life! We are each born with innate wisdom of our contribution to this beautiful planet, but if not nurtured, we forget.  Are you fulfilling your destiny that your soul decided upon for your re-incarnation?
You will discover, in this evening of insights:
  • Your personal Life Path number – the most important number in our lives. It is the number you must act upon in order to be truly happy.
  • The characteristics of each number vibration.
  • Number Groups – Are you a Mind, Creative or Business number?
  • Healing by the Numbers
  • 2019 – A year in Review
  • Repeating Numbers – do you find yourself repeating patterns and life lessons? Feeling stuck? In a Rut?
  • 2020 – A year Unfolding – Using the Numbers to Attract Positive Energies.
Bring pen and paper for note-taking.
Let’s have fun exploring and unlocking clues to your purpose here on Earth!
As a follow-up, Lucia will also be offering Personal Numerology Readings should you wish to explore further!
The 5 Additional PRIMARY NUMBERS revealed !

A 3-3-3 Vibration, 2-7/9 Life Path.
Lucia Taylor Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner with Honors under Dr. Pauline Wolf, D.OM, of Windsong School of Healing in Campbell River, in 2003. Thriving in full-time private clinical practice as PHOENIX HOLISTIC HEALING CLINIC, she offers Shiatsu Massage Oriental Bodywork Therapy, Health Consultations, Herbs, Far Infrared Sauna and Amethyst Biomat Treatments, and Life Coaching.
From 1991 to 2000, Lucia experienced 7 physical accidents; broken bones, a concussion, falls and injuries, that eventually culminated in having to learn how to walk again. By Dec. 2000, she was told she was on the verge of a heart attack. Severe adrenal exhaustion was a call to reclaiming her soul, which resulted in a major career change into Holistic Wellness.
Over the years, assisting thousands of clients to regain and maintain wellness, balance, vision and harmony in their lives, she became aware of the limits of physical and emotional healing. Body work therapy, nutrition, lifestyle change were often not enough. She certified as an Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator in 2012. We give credit to our conscious mind for decisions we make, but that is only 3%. Reality is 97% is decided by the unconscious mind and our Belief Systems. She further studied Quantum Physics, Past Lives, and Akashic Records. Deepening her own soul’s purpose and journey, Numerology became a guiding light, helping to unlock hidden clues to heal and Self-Actualize Mind, Body and Soul. And make more appropriate decisions to fulfill our Life’s Path.

Lucy will also be speaking on February 6th on Holistic Health Healing.

Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents:  Mathew Ashdown Talk Subject: The Gene Key, Aspects of the Grail Quest Mythologies for Modern Day Grail Knights.
December 19th, 7p.m, by suggested donation of $7.00

  • "Everyone of us is born into this world with a unique blueprint and gifts we bring to our communities, and the system known as the Gene Keys is a powerful approach that can help you to understand your purpose for being here at this time. It's your own personal Grail Quest, guided by the wisdom of your own intuition. A blend of science, the ancient wisdom of the I Ching and other philosophies, this system has been developed for the modern era and helps us in all areas of life. Flow, ease, synchronicity and acceptance are just some of the outcomes that you experience as you orient with your true nature through this body of work, one that is both practical and mystical. 

During this session Matthew will introduce you to the concept of the Gene Keys, your personal Hologenetic Profile (base upon your birthdate) and the Pathways of Genius, Love, and Prosperity found within it. He will share stories from his own experience and those of others, and speak of how this is part of helping prepare the world for the coming of the 6th root race. He will also share practical ways you can approach this system to integrate it into daily life with greater ease." 

About Mathew:

For 10 years Matthew worked at the YM-YWCA as a Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist, offering guidance that worked with mind, body and spirit. As a practitioner of Kriya Yoga, under the guidance of Yogiraj Gurunath, he was introduced to a way of life that has transformed his relationship with spirit and opened up his sensitivity to a realm beyond the physical. He was one of the Gratidudes, sharing about the power of gratitude through viral video the Gratitude Dance, an online radio show and speaking engagements throughout North America. During this time he was introduced to many young people with gifts that the world is only beginning to understand, and sought more practical ways to offer guidance. Since 2012 he has studied the system known as the Gene Keys, a practical and mystical system, and now facilitates sessions online and in-person, marrying his passion for science, spirituality and wellbeing. Drawing upon the mythical Grail Quest stories his approach with all of this is one of adventure, playfulness and symbology as we all work on balancing our masculine and feminine principles during this time of great change. 

Matthew Ashdown has been a public speaker and life coach for over 12 years and has spoken to crowds around North America. In 2007 he and his friend Brad Morris released  The Original Gratitude Dance  on youtube. Picked up by Good Morning America it lead to him co-hosting the radio show Manifesting Awesomeness on Voice America as well as calls for him to speak at events for audiences of all ages. He has spoken at Agape's International Conference, schools across Canada, Big Brother Big Sisters Canada, the Government of British Columbia and a number of years for the YM-YWCA of Canada. 

Matthew is passionate about restoring the balance between nature, spirit and technology. After being trained in the very left brained world of Aerospace Engineering Matthew found himself being pulled to teachings that helped him train his intuition more deeply. For 10 years he worked at the YM-YWCA as a personal trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist, bringing in guidance that worked with mind, body and spirit. Through the practice of Kriya Yoga, and some gentle nudging from a loving wife,  Nicole Powell , Matthew's gift of intuition became much more finely tuned. Now with his depth of experience with the process of the Gene Keys, something he has studied since 2012, he is able to show people practical ways to integrate spiritual principles in their daily life and embrace the gifts that they were born to share. 

checkout his website: