Metaphysical Network Presents Don Giberson, Talk Title: “Enlightened Sexuality: Pleasure as a Spiritual Practice”. on Thursday,  March 19th , suggested donation $7.00

In many of the eastern religions, sexuality is considered sacred; a pathway to the divine. Somatic Sex Education is an exciting, new and emerging field that draws on these traditions and explores how following our body’s wisdom and innate desire for pleasure can lead to learning, healing, growth and, yes, even enlightenment!
In this fun and interactive “playshop”, you will learn about the fascinating new field of somatic sex education and explore ways to:
  • Connect to your body’s innate wisdom;
  • Use pleasure as a pathway to learning, healing, growth and spiritual development;
  • Awaken and direct erotic energy; your original “source” energy;
  • Heal trauma and stuck energy stored in your body;
  • Overcome feelings of guilt or shame about your body and your desires;
  • Know, and ask for, what you truly want
  • Navigate and negotiate consensual touch
Sacred Sexuality is presented by Don Giberson. Don has been a member of Unity for over 25 years and on a path of spiritual exploration for nearly 3 decades. That path recently led him to enrol in the Somatic Sex Educator program and to explore the intersection of sexuality and spirituality.

Metaphysical Network Presents: Tracy Makarenko Talk Title: Healing Boundaries on April 2, 2020. suggested donation $7.00

There are so many tools we can learn to keep our energy level high. The problem is, doing what is necessary can also cause exhaustion. The depletion of my Life Force Energy had me looking for a new ways to fight the exhaustion cycle. Tonight, you will learn how to replenish your energy by gaining a deeper understanding of what you are giving away. You will also learn how to restore and establish healthy boundaries with yourself and in your relationship with others. I share the journey of discover in my book, “Moving from the Outside, In.”
Tracy Makarenko coauthored the #1 Amazon bestseller, “I AM a Brilliant Woman” Vol I, and shares her personal truth in the book, “Moving from the Outside, In.” She is a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Intuitive Healer and has been helping people find their truth by guiding them to uncover and heal deep traumas using her innate abilities to sense energy. Tracy is an intellectual intuitive, a truth seeker, a soul whisperer and has the ability to help heal others at so many levels, adjusting and elevating their frequencies, and transforming their perception towards a happier and healthier life. She does this through her coaching practice, written work, and several workshops she has developed.

Tracy Makarenko
Certified Holistic Life Coach,
Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher
Specializing in Trauma
International Bestselling Author of, "I AM a Brilliant Woman"

Metaphysical Network Presents: Beate Scharnowski, Talk Title: Theta Healing® and Burnout. What is Theta Healing?
April 16th, 2020. suggested donation $7.00

Come and join us for an informative, fun and light evening as Beate shares with us an introductory of ThetaHealing® and guides us through a simple meditation designed to connect with your higher self and divine energy source; the place from where permanent changes happen.
Take advantage of this opportunity to quiet your mind, experience body testing and test subconscious believes to find out what no longer serves you. 
You or someone you love might have been through a Burnout or is going through one right now and these symptoms are all to familiar:
Chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Lack of productivity & Performance, Increased Irritability, Impaired concentration & attention, Physical symptoms, Increased illness, Loss of
appetite & enjoyment, Anxiety/Depression, Isolation/Pessimism, Forgetfulness and/or crying for no apparent reason.
“…. Under stress, you will struggle to cope with pressure. But once burnout takes hold, you’re out of gas and you’ve given up all hope of surmounting your obstacles. When you’re suffering from burnout its more than just fatigue. You have a deep sense of disillusionment and hopelessness that your efforts have been in vain…”
( June 02,2019)
The Burnout Solution is gentle, safe and it works.
Reduce Stress, Improve Your Sleep & Boost Your Immune System, Control Depression/Anxiety, Increase Self Awareness, Control Pain, Recover from Grief and Promote Clarity.
It is time. See you there.

Beate is an intuitive energy healer and a healthcare professional for over 25 years. Her sensitivity to energies was apparent in early childhood and she became more and more interested in energy healing. At age 26 she picked up her first self help book by Louise Hay and never turned back. Other authors included Abrahim Hicks, Eckhardt Tolle, Caroline Myss and Neal Donald Walsh as well as Kryon.
Studying teachings of Mikao Usui, Janet Mengten and Vianna Stibal, Beate is certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Healing (Reiki), Healing Touch and Theta Healing.  Due to her own health challenges, including burnouts, Beate received many different energy healing treatments; although it brought relief, it did not last.
When she moved to Vancouver Island Beate discovered Theta Healing. This simple and powerful healing technique resonates deeply with her; changing limiting believes permanently freed Beate from physical pain and eliminated burnouts. 
Beate is continuing to study Theta Healing and is helping others changing their life by identifying and changing believes that no longer work in her clients life with Private Healing sessions, Transformational Healing Meditation courses and Burnout Solution Programs.