Metaphysical Network Presents Lucy Taylor, Talk Title: Why Some People Heal and Others Don't – a walk through the past. Thursday, February 6th at 7:00 p.m. by suggested donation of $7.00
“If you listen when your body whispers, you won’t have to listen when it screams.”

Join Lucy on a journey towards your Personal “Reverse Aging Project.” How Lucy is 20 years younger than her Chronological Age? 
  • Our bodies are engineered to live 150 years – why don’t we?
  • Insights revealed based on 18 years of clinical Holistic Health Practice.
  • Discover what your Thoughts, Emotions, Attitudes and Belief Systems have to do with your health.

Lucia Taylor Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner with Honors under Dr. Pauline Wolf, D.OM, of Windsong School of Healing in Campbell River, in 2003. Thriving in full-time private clinical practice since 2002 as Phoenix Holistic Healing Clinic , she offers Shiatsu Massage Oriental Bodywork Therapy, Health Consultations, Therapeutic Herbs and Supplements , Radiant Health Far Infrared Sauna with Color Light Therapy and Amethyst Bio - mat Treatments, Life Coaching and Numerology Readings .
From 1991 to 2000, Lucia experienced 7 physical accidents; broken bones, a concussion, falls and injuries, that eventually culminated in having to learn how to walk again. By Dec. 2000, she was told she was on the verge of a heart attack. Severe adrenal exhaustion was a call to reclaiming her soul, which resulted in a major career change into Holistic Wellness. WHY?
What was her mask to the world?
Over the years, assisting thousands of clients to regain and maintain wellness, balance, vision and harmony in their lives, she became aware of the limits of physical and emotional healing. Body work therapy, nutrition, lifestyle change were often not enough. She certified as an Advanced PSYCH-K facilitator in 2012. We give credit to our conscious mind for decisions we make, but that is only 3%. Reality is 97% is decided by the unconscious mind and our Belief Systems.  She further studied Quantum Physics, Past Lives, and Akashic Records. Deepening her own soul’s purpose and journey, Numerology became a guiding light, helping to unlock hidden clues to heal and Self-Actualize Mind, Body and Soul. And make more appropriate decisions to fulfill our Life’s Path.
Lucia is about Life Transformation. Welcome to the School of Life! And a Philosophy for Success! 
  • There are 10 Rules for Being Human. Do you know the FIRST RULE? 
How is your Eyesight? Memory? Energy? Mood? Flexibility? Weight?
If you had to guess – what is your most stressed organ?
Two Questions that will Change Your Health Outlook Forever!
You will discover, in this evening of insights:
  • Your thoughts can change your DNA – Worded Expressions and Results.
  • What is your Attachment Factor?
  • What is your Resistance Factor?
  • The 10 Officials of Your Body
  • How Balanced is your “Wheel of Life” Balance?
  • HABIT Riddle
  • True Stories, Ideas, and a Reference Guide for your better health. 
Bring pen and paper for note-taking.
Let’s have fun exploring and unlocking clues to your Body, Mind and Soul FULL POTENTIAL Wellness here on Earth!
As a follow-up, Lucia will also be offering for those interested
Special Discounts on
  1. Zyto Compass Nutritional Supplementation and Metabolic Age Biofeedback Scans
  2. Full 1.5 hour Health Consultations
  3. Therapeutic Shiatsu Massage – deeply peaceful and therapeutic- renewed energy and vigor
  4. Pain Relief without Drugs in the Infrared Sauna Therapy with Color Light Therapy
  5. Personal Numerology Readings should you wish to explore further Your Life Path Objectives!
Lucia W. Taylor, C.H.H.P.
Phoenix Holistic Healing Clinic
3362 Uplands Drive, Nanaimo V9T 2T5

rescheduled for
Saturday, February 8, 2020, 10:00
(5 hours) $44.00  10am-3pm
Manual included-Please bring a lunch
Cures enhancements for:       
·                 Health & Family
·                 Wealth & Abundance
·                 Fame & Reputation
·                 Love & Marriage
·                 Creativity & Children
·                 Helpful People & Travel
·                 Knowledge & Cultivation
·                 Career & Path in Life
·                 Spiritual Growth
Carols Bio: After a life-altering event, Carol Lefevre was drawn to healing and has been a devoted student, healer, and mentor for over twenty-seven years. Her dedication and curiosity to truly understanding the depths of spirituality has assisted her in developing various healing techniques through a variety of spirit guides and teachers. Carol’s practice specializes in working with the unconscious mind removing old programs and establishing new neurological pathways for instant, long term results.
Through her training and strong connection to spirit she has come to understand the unique interconnection that we all have to everything. She holds a B. Msc. in Metaphysical Science, Certification as a Metaphysician, is a specialized Applied Kinesiologist, Reiki Master & Teacher in two methods, Feng Shui practitioner and founded the Beishu Method of Healing. She has facilitated workshops in 10 countries and is fairly new to Nainaimo.
Carol is the newly published author of Soul Alchemy Healing.
Her book offers the first glimpse at ‘The Beishu Method’—a never-before-published healing technique that enables the reader to change the entire chakra system and its colors based on an individuals’ personal level of health and spiritual evolution.

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Metaphysical Network Presents Liam Perison, Talk Title: Energy Work Techniques - Beginner to Advanced
Thursday, February 20th, suggested donation $7.00

In this talk we will be exploring a wide variety of energy work techniques -- This talk will be best suited to practitioners or intuitives, however anyone with any level of sensitivity to energy will find merit in the information presented.

I have been performing energy work since my awakening at age seven, and have cataloged many techniques which I wish to share with you. Some of these techniques you will be familiar with, and others you will have never heard of. They range in complexity from simple to advanced, but you will find that they are all possible to pick up and learn. With practice you will be able to master any (or all) of them. Additionally, their applications are broad beyond what we usually know.

A creative problem-solving approach is how I work with energy, and I want to teach others how to discover a solution to any energy block they may encounter when working with a client, construct, entity, environment or with themselves. Everyone is different, and everyone will take a different approach, but what we all have in common is a desire to learn, grow, and fully unlock our own potential and strength. My goal here is not to tell you what to think, but rather to expand what you already know into a bigger, more cohesive picture. By sharing with you what I have learned I hope to help you grow.

Metaphysical Network Presents Tim Cariou, Talk Title: The Relationship Between Western Medical Physiology and Anatomy and Eastern Mystical Traditions on Thursday, March 5th, suggested donation $7.00

Tim has been practicing Traditional Chinese Healing Exercises since 1977. He has personally studied under five different masters of various disciplines from China. Tim currently instructs: Tai Chi Tong Long (Praying Mantis), Simplified 24 Movement Tai Chi, Simplified Tai Chi Sword, Medical Qigong and Lohan Chi Kung (Bone Marrow Washing and Tendon Changing Exercises), Taoist Tree Meditation, Microcosmic Orbit Meditation and The 6 Healing Sounds.

The focus of this discussion will be to explore the relationship between Western Medical Physiology and Anatomy and Eastern Mystical Traditions.
This will include a brief introduction to the 5 branches of Qigong (Chi Kung).
Tim will share his personal experiences and case histories of teachers and students. He welcomes questions and discussion.  

Metaphysical Network Presents Don Giberson, Talk Title: “Enlightened Sexuality: Pleasure as a Spiritual Practice”.
on Thursday, March 19th, suggested donation $7.00

More information to follow.

Metaphysical Network Presents: Tracy Makarenko Talk Title: Healing Boundaries on April 2, 2020. suggested donation $7.00

There are so many tools we can learn to keep our energy level high. The problem is, doing what is necessary can also cause exhaustion. The depletion of my Life Force Energy had me looking for a new ways to fight the exhaustion cycle. Tonight, you will learn how to replenish your energy by gaining a deeper understanding of what you are giving away. You will also learn how to restore and establish healthy boundaries with yourself and in your relationship with others. I share the journey of discover in my book, “Moving from the Outside, In.”
Tracy Makarenko coauthored the #1 Amazon bestseller, “I AM a Brilliant Woman” Vol I, and shares her personal truth in the book, “Moving from the Outside, In.” She is a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Intuitive Healer and has been helping people find their truth by guiding them to uncover and heal deep traumas using her innate abilities to sense energy. Tracy is an intellectual intuitive, a truth seeker, a soul whisperer and has the ability to help heal others at so many levels, adjusting and elevating their frequencies, and transforming their perception towards a happier and healthier life. She does this through her coaching practice, written work, and several workshops she has developed.

Tracy Makarenko
Certified Holistic Life Coach,
Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher
Specializing in Trauma
International Bestselling Author of, "I AM a Brilliant Woman"

Metaphysical Network Presents: Beate Scharnowski, Talk Title: Theta Healing® and Burnout. What is Theta Healing?
April 16th, 2020. suggested donation $7.00

Come and join us for an informative, fun and light evening as Beate shares with us an introductory of ThetaHealing® and guides us through a simple meditation designed to connect with your higher self and divine energy source; the place from where permanent changes happen.
Take advantage of this opportunity to quiet your mind, experience body testing and test subconscious believes to find out what no longer serves you. 
You or someone you love might have been through a Burnout or is going through one right now and these symptoms are all to familiar:
Chronic fatigue, Insomnia, Lack of productivity & Performance, Increased Irritability, Impaired concentration & attention, Physical symptoms, Increased illness, Loss of
appetite & enjoyment, Anxiety/Depression, Isolation/Pessimism, Forgetfulness and/or crying for no apparent reason.
“…. Under stress, you will struggle to cope with pressure. But once burnout takes hold, you’re out of gas and you’ve given up all hope of surmounting your obstacles. When you’re suffering from burnout its more than just fatigue. You have a deep sense of disillusionment and hopelessness that your efforts have been in vain…”
( June 02,2019)
The Burnout Solution is gentle, safe and it works.
Reduce Stress, Improve Your Sleep & Boost Your Immune System, Control Depression/Anxiety, Increase Self Awareness, Control Pain, Recover from Grief and Promote Clarity.
It is time. See you there.

Beate is an intuitive energy healer and a healthcare professional for over 25 years. Her sensitivity to energies was apparent in early childhood and she became more and more interested in energy healing. At age 26 she picked up her first self help book by Louise Hay and never turned back. Other authors included Abrahim Hicks, Eckhardt Tolle, Caroline Myss and Neal Donald Walsh as well as Kryon.
Studying teachings of Mikao Usui, Janet Mengten and Vianna Stibal, Beate is certified in Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Healing (Reiki), Healing Touch and Theta Healing.  Due to her own health challenges, including burnouts, Beate received many different energy healing treatments; although it brought relief, it did not last.
When she moved to Vancouver Island Beate discovered Theta Healing. This simple and powerful healing technique resonates deeply with her; changing limiting believes permanently freed Beate from physical pain and eliminated burnouts. 
Beate is continuing to study Theta Healing and is helping others changing their life by identifying and changing believes that no longer work in her clients life with Private Healing sessions, Transformational Healing Meditation courses and Burnout Solution Programs.