Issue 104
Looking for a wise long-term investment for use-it-or-lose-it, year-end money? Larson Davis is offering two limited-time programs to help you make the most of it. Trade in ANY existing Class 1 Sound Level Meter for a discount on a new SoundAdvisor ™ Model 831C meter or system. Don't have a meter to trade in? We also currently have a limited quantity of demo equipment at reduced prices. Contact us to learn more!

Learn about LD's Sound Level Meter Trade-In Program

Own the Industrial Hygiene Product of the Year
Want to own the OH&S New Product of the Year? We have a trade-in program for that, too! The Spartan™ Noise Dosimeter Model 730 is the first truly wireless dosimeter, offering the ability to send reports straight from your phone or other mobile device.

Learn about LD's Dosimeter Trade-In Program

Feeling Lucky?
Speaking of the end of the year, do you have your 2020 calendar in hand? Contact us to enter a drawing for a new 2020 calendar created by MTS Systems Sector, featuring the photography of our teammates from Larson Davis and sister companies. We'll send along some other fun LD swag, too!

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Reverberation Time, Explained
Larson Davis' Model 831 Sound Level Meter offers optional firmware, allowing users to make room acoustics measurements. Interested in learning more about room acoustics? Contact us! Also, check out this introduction to the field and find meters, sound sources, and more.

Check Out a Room Acoustics Primer

Simplified Booth Verification
Do you struggle to get noise level readings when testing ambient noise in sound booths? Your job just got easier with AudCal! No more running unwieldy cables or trying to read the meter through the booth window. Connect to the AudCal system from your tablet or laptop via Wi-Fi, then run the test and view data from outside the booth.

Learn more about AudCal

Lessons from an Airport Noise Office
Airports are essential to our communities, but nearby residents often have concerns about the impact the associated noise will have on their daily lives. At the AAAE Conference, we watched this video from the Port of Seattle, a great introduction to what a successful airport noise program can look like. Larson Davis' suite of SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Systems are instrumental in implementing a broad spectrum of noise programs at airports across the world.

To learn more about Larson Davis' Airport Noise Monitoring Solutions and other Environmental Noise Monitoring options, contact us today!

Watch the Video

New Software Version Available
Whether you use a Sound Level Meter, Noise Dosimeter, or Human Vibration Meter, make the most of your measurements by running the latest version of G4 LD Utility. Version 4.05 has recently been released, offering several enhancements related to alerts, alarms, and file storage for the SoundAdvisor Model 831C.
  • System health alerts available for change in run state
  • Additional trigger sources for measurement history alerts added
  • File save/autosave enhanced and push to Dropbox improved
Download G4 LD Utility Version 4.05

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