We are rapidly approaching the end of Spring 2022, which means end-of-course ratings from students. We provide strategies to help motivate learners to complete end-of-course surveys and provide instructor feedback.
CELT Teaching Tip • April 21, 2022
Encouraging Student Ratings of Teaching
We are rapidly approaching the end of Spring 2022, which means in part, seeking, end-of-course feedback from students. Student ratings are not perfect measurements of teaching effectiveness but can create an opportunity for students to reflect on their perceptions of the learning and the classroom environment.

Strategies for better course ratings include:

  • Seeking constructive feedback. Student input is most helpful when it is specific, focused, and respectful. Suggest a focus on observable behaviors and practices that the instructor can control, rather than remarks or criticisms based on identity.

  • Use class time to complete evaluations. Provide a bit of class time at the end of a session for students to complete their ratings (while you are not in the virtual or physical classroom).

  • Ensure students understand the importance of the feedback. Share with students an example of how you've used past feedback to make changes or provide examples of constructive feedback comments. 

  • Explain how ratings are used. Share with students how these evaluations are used by you to improve teaching, and how they are used at the department-level.

  • Consider offering an incentive. For example, once a percentage of the entire class has completed the evaluation, offer a small amount of extra credit.

To help make sense of the student ratings, consult the CELT Student Ratings Analysis Worksheet or work with a CELT Faculty Fellow or staff member.

If you have questions about end-of-course student ratings, contact your departmental SubUnit administrator.
Canvas New Quizzes: Updates
There are upcoming demonstrations of Canvas New Quizzes (NQ) and trainings are now scheduled.

Visit the Canvas New Quizzes website for all registration information and to request a sandbox to get started with New Quizzes early! All demos and trainings will have an online option. The sandbox training will take place before NQ is implemented campus-wide on June 1 and all instructors who attend will need to have a sandbox course before attending. The general training sessions take place after NQ is implemented campus-wide.
Reminder: Submit Your Teaching Brief
Submissions are still being accepted for the 2022 CELT Teaching Brief, "Fostering Student Sense of Belonging in the Classroom: Creative Practices from Iowa State University Instructors."

CELT at ISU is accepting applications under a common theme of fostering belonging, connection, and inclusivity in online, in-person, and multi-mode classrooms. Find more information, including how to submit, on our website. Or, if your submission is ready, you can submit it through Qualtrics.

Submissions are due by June 1, 2022. You will be informed by July 1, 2022 of the decision to publish.
Upcoming Events (Apr. 21 - May 5)
Register for the events listed below by searching CELT’s Upcoming Events page or CELT’s channel on the ISU Events Calendar.
Course Design: Design, Re-Design, and Maximize Your Online Courses

Engage Students: With Content, Instructor, and Fellow Students

Equity & Inclusion: Enhance Your Teaching Practices

New Quizzes in Canvas - Demonstrations, Open Labs, & Training
  • Webinar, New Quizzes in Canvas: A Demonstration, Apr. 27 (1-2 p.m., via Webex)
  • Webinar, Canvas New Quizzes Demonstration (Development and Student View), May 4 (2-3 p.m., via Webex)
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Where to Find Support
CELT Open Labs

Open Labs will be available virtually for all but with a focus on New Quizzes implementation during the following for Spring 2022:

Mondays and Wednesdays: 8-10 a.m.
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 1-3 p.m.
Fridays: By Appointment Only
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Email [email protected] to submit a ticket and request a specific one-on-one with a CELT staff member.

Make sure to include the course title and any questions you may have.
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